-A Not So Snowy December!?–Day 18 Of An Otaku’s Life –

merry-christmasThe only thing on my mind this December is homework, tests, and exams (next month). Not to mention, there isn’t any snow where I’m at, and it doesn’t feel at all, “Christmas-ey”. I have a hate-love relationship with snow; and without snow, it just doesn’t feel like a white Christmas. Oh well, right?

Over the weekend, I read chapter 58 for Tokyo Ghoul :RE, read Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou’s newest chapter (like three weeks ago), and read two chapters of Isshukan Friends/One Week Friends. With annoyance by my brother for once again calling me a weeaboo and telling me to watch One Punch Man; I really don’t have time to watch anything (including that I really don’t want to watch One Punch Man at all). おにさん Weeaboo です (O Ni SaN Weeaboo De Su/ Older Brother is a Weeaboo (Literal Translation). When I read Tokyo Ghoul :RE chapter 58, I was freaking excited, and when I read Isshuukan Friends, I was laughing so much (it was also ironic that Hase says Fujimiya has a great memory when they were playing cards, but in reality, she forgets everything that happens every week. Your evil Hase)!Undertale-Logo By the way, speaking of Christmas! I promised my self I would watch Toradora. Man, I wonder if I’ll have time to binge watch it all. It’s so sad, funny, and heart warming, but who knows if I’ll have time to watch anything anymore.

Anyways, some other things I did over the weekend; I was suggested from one of my friends the game Undertale, a harmless game at first. Then I came across the words Genocide Run, Pacifist Run, and Neutral Run. After some research, I found out the game breaks the fourth wall, the game has a secret character in it, science is applied everywhere around the game without you knowing it (which I love just so much from this game. Like Sans manipulating time and space, and Undertale basically has it’s own science. I like to call it, the Undertale Theory), there’s lot more meaning to it once you dig into the game a lot more. I haven’t played the game, but this motivates me to play the game. I guess you can say, it fills me with “determination”? HA! Just kidding; Undertale references, aren’t they great.Gorillaz_Demon_Days

Another another thing I did over the weekend; I came across a digital band (real singers though. Not like Japanese Vocaloids); Gorillaz. Gorillaz is just a easy going band with very catchy songs, and awesome characters. Not to mention that there’s a story to this band (Fake story, not real), and it’s actually quite interesting. I can’t believe a great band like this was created before I was born, and that they’re still playing music till this day. Just so addicting to hear!

In my life currently, I’m very tired from doing work and I regret doing things in the beginning of the school year (because I thought it was going to be the same as middle school; you get homework, finish it, and your done. Then you have highschool; I guess you got the idea right)? Although I’m tired and I some what hate highschool; I still love it! I enjoy learning, I fully understand the work that’s given to me, and I get a lot of responsibility (meaning, I get a lot more trust), but they magically give you random projects (BAM) over the break that’s due before break. An example is, project assigned Thursday, project due Friday (WHAT IS THIS)!? I guess I can’t complain, it’ll probably boost up my D to a C or C+, I hope. The only time I can enjoy my self without stress; let me rephrase that, the only time I can enjoy me enjoy my self is, on my Christmas break (Family can be stressful sometimes you know).

An update on me (Serious): I’m 15 years old, and I was born on September 26, 2000. I’m currently taking average-proficient classes, and one of them are business classes. In my years of Highschool, I’m going to take different types of business classes. I want to go to M.A.T.C for two years in business, and 2 years at U.W.M for business. After College, I want to be a Franchisee owner. If my plans fail as a Franchisee, I’ll go to become a Stockbroker/ETC.

My Hobbies:

  • Blogging; Japanese animation, Manga, Video Games, Life.
  • Basketball
  • Stock watching
  • Playing Videogames
  • Watching Anime and reading Manga.

I have nothing else to talk about, I’ll leave some songs that I liked from Gorillaz, some Soundtracks from Undertale, and of course, some of my favorite Christmas songs. I’m hoping for everyone to have a great Christmas, so see you guys later, peace!


Rhinestone Eyes (Gorillaz) “ELECTRIC TRIC TRIC TRIC”:


Melancholy Hill (Gorillaz):


Last Goodbye (Undertale) This Song Plays When You Beat The Game, So Spoilers:


Your Best Nightmare (Undertale) “Beware Of Spoilers”:


Last Christmas (Wham) Yes, I Do Like Older Music If You Were Wondering:



Merry Christmas To All -Mark


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