-Finally It’s November; Day 17 Of An Otaku’s Life- – (Real Life)-

imageHalloween for me became a very cold and rainy day (literally) and it was on a Saturday; if you guys get what I’m saying (I help out my grandparents at two farmers market every Saturday). The only good thing that happened that day was me eating at one of my favorite food trucks. It was the last day that they stayed there until next year, and I ate Crepe’s (and their Crepes are freaking good. Especially “the strawberry crepe”. Mmm, the best). And if you’re wondering where I get the crepe’s, it’s at the West Bend Wisconsin Farmers Market (or it’s official name; Down Town, West Bend). But the farmers market opens every Saturday and starts at probably 6 or 7 O’Clock in the morning, and it was the last day of the year that the farmer market opens. But I’m not finished with my farmers market work, I have to work at another one. And I’m done talking about my Halloween, because it’s farm related, and I’m sure you guys don’t want to listen to this. (a.k.a. this photo was taken by my Sister, and this photo was taken probably taken at 5 or 6 PM. And this was taken at the West Allis Farmers Market. Not at West Bend).

NabVamI’m excited for November though, I get to have a 5 day break!(in two weeks). And after that month, my most favorite and possibly most depressing month; December! And on December, I’m going to watch Toradora (because let’s watch something funny, sad and romantic; a romantic comedy. Cause why not)? Not to mention on December, I get to celebrate my own culture by going to something called; a Hmong New Year (my nationality is Hmong by the way, and it’s part of an Asian culture). To people who does not know about Hmong New Year, it’s a day where Hmong’s go around to try to find love, to celebrate our ancestors, and to basically have fun (but now a days, it’s mainly to find a lover, eat some food, and have fun). Of course on December, I will be having a huge break and celebrate Christmas with my family (I’m looking forward to it).

I got back into reading Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou the Manga, and now I’m on the current chapters. It definitely get’s sadder and allot more sexual (And I really mean it when I say it get’s allot more sadder and allot more sexual). When it comes to watching new Animes; I was shoved an Anime right into my face by my older brother, and it was One Punch Man. I’ve got to admit it’s not a bad Anime and there’s nothing bad with it, but I just feel discouraged to watch Anime because he keeps telling me to watch a bunch of Animes that’re long series (like Bleach, and rewatching Naruto. But I did regret not watching Hunter X Hunter before and, when he kept telling me “It’s a good Anime. Watch it you Weeaboo”). Since we’re talking about Manga, I read a few new chapters of Tokyo Ghoul:RE and Noro was in it. No matter what happens to Noro, he just regenerates and gets back up (He or she is so freaking strong). And poor Haise Sasaski; I really don’t feel bad for you. And of course, a bunch of new ghoul’s and investigators show up to later die. What am I supposed to feel Tokyo Ghoul:RE? Besides the current Manga’s I’ve been reading; I wonder if I should go back to reading A Silent Voice, read a new Manga, or watch a new Anime. I plan to write a Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou Manga Review later on though; if I ever have the time or the inspiration to talk about it.

imageMy Otaku Life So Far:

School is still boring and even more repetitive (more boring then stressful), I have some friends, and none from elementary (I really liked my elementary friends, but they’re literally all scattered in different schools), but life in general is pretty normal and calming. It’s not like I do anything at home or do anything outside of my house (Like I said before in my other posts; my family is busy, so I’m a pretty lonely and bored dude). But I do clean when I have to, do the laundry when needed to, cut the grass, throw out the trash, fold the clothes sometimes, cook sometimes, do homework, play games, relax, and do allot more things. I literally mean, I do allot of work, and my siblings are super lazy. But of course, my parents do help around the house and have actual jobs. Not to mention, my grand parents only call me to work at their farmers market and not request or call any of my other siblings. Life would be boring to be honest if there wasn’t any work for me to do. 7 more years until I can get my dream job. Life is going to be so boring until I’m 21. I literally got my life planned out (but it sucks because, I still have a long way to go). Hopefully my life get’s a lot more interesting.

(Hopefully I can have some fun with old friends at the Hmong New Year, eat a bunch of nostalgic foods, and shop around the place).

I really have nothing else to talk about, and I think I’m almost finished writing the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Review/thoughts. So see you guys later, peace!



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