-My Thoughts On Tokyo Ghoul:RE So Far (May Contain Spoilers) – – (Manga)-

Re_Vol_1I really thought Tokyo Ghoul:RE was okay, and it had a different type of feel to it than Tokyo Ghoul. I mean, reading stuff that literally comes from the CCG is boring. There’s a bunch of things that’s going on all at once and, there’s a bunch of things that doesn’t make much sense or even get explained that well. But compared to the first Tokyo Ghoul Manga and Tokyo Ghoul:RE Manga, (Tokyo Ghoul:RE) it’s the prospective of the Human side (or the CCG Orgnization) and instead of the risky and sorrowful lifed ghouls side (Tokyo Ghoul). I really thought they could’ve explained some more story towards the Ghoul side like Touka, Hinami, or even that one dude that Kaneki calls Senpai (Just doesn’t feel like Kaneki whenever he says Senpai). (Minor Spoilers) I know there’s some story going on towards Tsukiyama and, we currently know that Touka is alive with her own coffee shop but, they’re both not explained quite clearly on how they became the way they are. Of course, there are other characters too that we’d probably like to see from the Human side like Juuzo, Arimia, or even Akira (and instead of  reading some random CCG member going on Missions and then basically dieing with no story behind them). I can say the same thing for the ghouls, there are a bunch of random ghouls going on assignments and then dieing (Like the Maddam A Extermination Mission). Like cool, Haise goes on missions to kill Madam A, then there are teammates getting killed and getting hurt to the point of death, awesome (Sarcastically). Then after every mission, Haise questions his self (One step closer to Kaneki?), and then the Q’s get stronger? (I don’t even know anymore).

Re_Vol_2Now instead of me complaining about Tokyo Ghoul:RE, I really did enjoy reading the Manga, as they usually end with suspense and it’ll make me interested to read the next chapter. Although I didn’t really find the new characters (the Q’s) all that interesting, and I even think that Haise should be shown a bit more (Or at least have a Main-main character, and not just a bunch of main characters. That’s probably why the story is so hard for me to understand). The main characters in Tokyo Ghoul:Re in my opinion are okay and just okay. Like I said before, all they usually do is get destroyed and get stronger (which I’m mostly referencing towards Haise and Urie). (Spoilers) Of course I like some of the other lesser characters (which I probably like them allot more than the main characters), Takizawa (he looks so bad das and insane now), Touka (even though she get’s only like 6 pages of being shown), and Nishio/Serpent (again, only a few pages of him being shown). As mentioned before, I really liked the suspense of the endings that Tokyo Ghoul :RE shows (Spoiler, usually when they go on missions or go to drink coffee at the New Anteiku store). (Spoilers) Of course there were some mind blown scenes (in my opinion) like when Nishio was pierced in the chest from Haise and then Nishio was referencing some words to Haise (ooh, does that mean Haise is Kaneki? Who knows), and then Haise said “Senpai” and went insane (what do you know, apparently Kaneki, I mean Haise, calls Nishio his senpai too. Hmm. Jokes aside now).

The story currently is making me confused, with me having a bunch of qeustions in my mind. Like for example, how did Takizawa get insane, like the way he is now (Hopefully it get’s explain later in the Manga), why is Tsukiyama’s Dad important (or how did he become important in the first place), who are these servants for Tsukiyama Shu, what connection does the servants have with Tsukiyama Shu, and I can keep going on (Forgot to mention about Touka and her Coffee Business and also Hinami; is she in Aogori)? Cause I mean seriously, the story; it’s been hard for me to understand it.

IMG_7362Some things I liked about the Manga was the art style to it. (Spoilers) for example, the picture of Takizawa with his fingers in his mouth and when Haise Sasaki encounters Ken Kaneki in his mind? I must really say that, Tokyo Ghoul:RE has some pretty awesome art/scenes that makes me remember that character (For example, when Kaneki says “shut up and listen just like that. I’m talking” or when Kaneki cracks his fingers. In other words, a scene that symbolizes a character).


Me talking about somethings I wished Tokyo Ghoul could do/Complaining about people saying Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 confirmed: Overall, I have mixed feelings towards Tokyo Ghoul:RE (Manga), and now that I think about a Season three for Tokyo Ghoul, it’s probably going to be awesome or just down right horrible for the Anime. I really wished they did a remake for Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 and for Season 2; and if they did, then they should release Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 that should have two different stories (no I’m not saying Tokyo Ghoul is doing a Remake or making a Season 3, I’m just talking about, what if’s). One of the stories will be Kaneki when he joins Aogori and one separate story with Kaneki sticking to Manga. Even when Tokyo Ghoul :RE was released on Youtube as a trailer, one of the popular comments was mainly people saying; “OMG, TOKYO GHOUL SEASON 3, OOOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGG” and then people try to explain that it’s a Manga trailer. I’m literally dead from reading those comments because people are in denial or don’t know that it’s a trailer for a Manga. To all of the Anime Watchers, it’s a trailer for the Manga Tokyo Ghoul :RE and not a trailer for a 3rd season of Tokyo Ghoul(Anime), that’s as nice as I can say it (And don’t correct me and say “but this website says Tokyo Ghoul season 3 has been confirmed”, just no; they’re fake. Unless it’s confirmed from the creator of Tokyo Ghoul him self). If there’s a remake, I’ll be happy (in my opinion, I like the Manga better).

(Tokyo Ghoul:RE Manga Trailer)

The link to the video where you can read all of the comments, mostly comments referencing Kaneki to be shown in the trailer as a briefcase.

This is all I really had to talk about Tokyo Ghoul:RE and I know this post is just me babaling about a bunch of things but, I really hope you guys enjoyed my thoughts on Tokyo Ghoul:RE (even though they were mostly negitive


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