-Let It Be Fall, And Let There Be New Leafs; Day 16, An Otaku’s Fall Life- -Mark’s Blog-

I swear, I’m going to write an Anime review after this, because of how much I hate writing An Otaku’s Life two times in a row and not writing reviews (Think of it like Anime; this is all filler). But on another note; there are new bloggers who I thought were interesting (And they’re from my old school, AE.Burdick. And if you were wondering this; did they ask me to give them a shout out? No, I just thought some of their blogs were quite sophisticated, interesting, informational, and also relateable. I kind of think they’re better than my old class *Cough Cough* you didn’t hear it from me). Of course the blogs I’m going to mention are not related to mine; as they don’t talk like a weeaboo and say how much they like Tokyo Ghoul like me. But if you don’t want to read about the people I mention, then just skip it (I’ll be talking about my life or some things I did in general).

So anyways; here are some people I’m going mention:


This blogger has a theme for bee’s (If you haven’t already seen the name). I really thought it was creative to talk about bee’s and what’s currently happening with them. I can’t believe killer bee’s are starting to be less harmful (Quite ironic that they’re called killer bee’s, and they’re becoming less harmful. Pretty interesting). Keep up the good work!

Cloud’s Blog,

Now this person is somewhat similar to me (one way), and he talks about updates about Videogames and also reviews Videogames. I really enjoyed his Minecraft post, as he talks about what happens in the 1.9 update. Another thing I really enjoyed, was his CSGO Review (Counter Strike Global Offensive; A shooting game). Well besides my bias review (Because I like Video Games), good job! So apparently the zeus taser was reduced back to 100$ (isn’t that just great).


Celeste’s Blog,

This is a blogger that talks about relatable and sophisticated posts (and I agree that, “Were All Afraid Of Something”). So yeah, pretty interesting. Even though she’s starting out her blog; I really think that her long posts really compensate for her time to think and make these posts. So good job.


And if you guys are from AE. Burdick; Tell the two 8th grade teachers I said hi.

Click Here For The Whole List Of New Bloggers Of Room 205 And 207 (8th Graders).

(If you didn’t understand my title;  let the old leaves fall, and hope for new Bloggers (which are the new 8th Graders). Quite cheesy, I know).

Hey it’s Fall! (Also October). I’m kind of happy for this October, as I think it’s been allot more hyped this year for me than it has last year (Even though I don’t go trick or treating; I still want to see my neighborhood be allot more happy and lively. Because there were only a little bit of people who came trick or treating near our neighborhood or even neighbors decorating, It just felt like a ghost town; but I guess it’s all right. No joke intended). Even though people hate October because of many reasons, I just like to see everybody happy, and most likely my friends and family. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be a chilly and boring Halloween.

On this chilly Otaku day, I just got done reading Tokyo Ghoul :RE (Chapter 43? or which ever was the most recent Chapter, 10/5/2015). Spoilers; apparently Tsukiyama is important and his family’s organization are pretty bad das. Poor Tsukiyama Shuu, as all your friends and family are probably going to die just for the sake of keeping him and the Rose family alive (makes me sad for Tsukiyama, but yet again, I really don’t. It’s a conflict of both). And of course, “ninja” Haise Sasaski, so stealthy for jumping out of a window and finding Tsukiyama (“what the F*@#” indeed Haise. Quote from Haise Sasaski). And I guess that was mainly it for that chapter really.

I suggested multiple Animes to my brother, and he liked one of them so far; “5 Centimeters Per Second”. Woop woop, he finally enjoyed a show I suggested him (Or should I say, a Movie). After he watched the movie, he called me a Weeaboo and said, you have the same watch as the main character, And I was like; what? Then I looked on google and literally looked up “5 Centimeter Per Second watch”, and what do you know? It was a photo of the main character on the train, looking at his watch, and what a coincidence; he had a similar looking watch as me (interesting). So yeah, all I can say to my brother really is, you suck.

I really have nothing else to talk about, and I really don’t have any other Animes to watch. So, see you guys later, peace.

(Don’t expect an Anime review from me though. Because I might forget or just feel less interested in writing one).


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