My New Schedule, And My Life; An Otaku’s Life, Day 15- -(Real Life)- –

Yes, I remember I said I was going to write about Hotarubi no mori e and possibly Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son) but, I really need to rewatch Hotarubi No Mori E to understand it a bit more and, I might not write about Hourou Musuko (Because I kind of technically wrote about it already. I didn’t write a review on what Hotarubi No Mori E was about but, I did write about it). So anyways, my schedule. My schedule is just going to be me writing when ever I want (and instead of writing every single day or even once a week). My life’s been Hecka busy, with me having to do homework, with me having to help my grandparents every Saturday, and then me having absolutely little time to find some inspiration to write anything, to play games, or to even watch Anime (Woe is me).


Man, what have I done with my life so far. I wake up, eat breakfast, go to the bus, go to school, do my work. And guys, I took Japanese class! Which means I get to read, write, and speak Japanese! How I rate my self right for Japanese fluency; Weeaboo – Fluent. I rate my self a Weeaboo. And currently, we’re learning how to read and write Japanese Hiragana. Then I get to learn Katakana later in the year, and then Kanji in the next year. (Continuing on), I go back home, do my homework, watch Anime/Play games/study/go to sleep and repeat for 5 days in a week and then, I go to the farmers market on Saturday for the rest of the day, and then it’s Sunday (Such a big, run on sentence.). But off of a side from that, going to school was a mixture of boring and fun.  Most of my work were kind of getting repetitive, like introducing yourself (by making a whole slide about your self), talking about what your goals are, and then going to school knowing your going to be doing the same thing. Learning things like Japanese, science (even though I hated science; I thought this class was pretty interesting. Expect for the fact about dissecting  cats, rats, frogs, or whatever), and gym (I got to learn how to play golf. And currently in gym; we’re playing soccer). So yeah, my life is basically a mixture of both. Besides school, I’ve probably done absolutely nothing (besides trying to find new games to play, or even new Animes to watch). I would love to hangout with my cousins and family, but they’re all busy (Probably) doing things (and majority of cousins live away from me and no where near me, except a few. And not to mention I only have one boy cousin who’s probably a half an hour away from me and one uncle who goes to the farmers market with me on Saturdays). But I mean like, I do have one best girl cousin. So yeah, (and not to mention she’s an all A Grade student, a talented pianist who also plays other instruments too, and etc). Jeez, I guess I’m alone on fun.


Anime, Videogames, Anime, Videogames, ANIME, VIDEOGAMES, AnnnnnIME, ViiiiiDEOGAMES! I’m quite hyped for some things like, Tokyo Ghoul (English dubbed), Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and Kingdom Hearts 3. As I watched the first two episodes of Tokyo Ghoul (English dubbed, I thought the voice acting was pretty awesome (More awesome than the fan-subs) and a more horrible new story? (In a way). I would definitely clap my hands and praise the English dub but as much as they made Anteiku sound like murderers by saying “this is my feeding ground where we kill people” or something beyond those lines and instead of them saying they take suicide victims; I was just thinking, no please, just no. As I thought the English dub was allot more westernized when they talk or had conversations (Which I guess is fine to an extent), I just kind of thought it was weird; it’s Tokyo, be a little bit westernized but not too much. But of course one of the funniest things I found in Tokyo Ghoul was, when Kaneki was chocking on his food, and yeah. (If you watched the English dubbed, you’ll understand).

“Are you all right Kaneki?” -Rize

“(in his head) I am now.” -Kaneki

Oh goodness Kaneki. Best quote after “People die when their killed.” -Fate/Stay Night series.

So after watching Kaneki get forcefully fed a human hand and after Touka saying “let me give you a hand” (Best quote ever, 2k15. Jokes guys, I’m just joking around), I definitely had goosebumps and, when Kaneki was trying to keep himself away from eating a human hand, it definitely just made like; GOSH, THE FEELS (And Kaneki’s Voice actor did that scene so perfectly! And I thought Kaneki’s voice actor had emotion to his voice, a very deep stress to the character, and an interesting voice for Kaneki). But later on in the second episode, I just stopped 25% of the way (and there were allot more scenes, if you know what I’m talking about). Well besides the Anime, I’ve been reading the current chapters of Tokyo Ghoul:RE (I think chapter 40+ or so), and it’s starting to get to the climax. (Spoilers), is Haise, Kaneki ,or is he someone else; like, COME ON; tell us already. (And then there comes the feels when Haise was questioning his self if he was Kaneki). And that’s all for Tokyo Ghoul.


Square Enix just made the world happy, confused, and from a few, angry. They pulled something out of a hat, and it was kingdom hearts 2.8! There are allot of things I have to watch (because I don’t own any of the Kingdom Hearts games; only kingdom hearts II) to understand Kingdom Hearts 2.8, but yeah. I believe there will be remakes for some of the Kingdom Heart games and one with a new story (Sorry once again, I need to be familiar with the other Kingdom Hearts games). There were people that were just like; why isn’t Dream Drop Distance remade or blah blah blah (A.K.A, The Gamers Joint; Youtube), but now they got what they wanted (So, cool; still need to know more about KH to understand why people want Dream Drop Distance. By the way, I enjoy watching TheGamersJoint KH Videos). I really don’t have much words to talk about KH 2.8 but; the hype is real. (And KH 3 will probably be released in the later years. Unless Square Enix pulls out a kh 2.9.999; Joking. But I bet KH fans would be pretty mad, lol).

Well I guess that’s all for now. So see you guys later, peace!

(I edited this thing like 10 times lol. So I really hope my grammar and sentences are good. And now I noticed the importance of editing; because my grammar and sentences sucked lol. Just look back at one of my posts and you’ll defiantly see a grammar mistake or bad sentence). Peace!


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