-Day 14, Of An Otaku Highschooler’s Life- – (Real Life)- -Mark’s Blog-

Wow, haven’t done this in a while! So, summers gone and School is here (which school started two weeks ago). Highschool for me in these past two weeks were probably boring ( but of course there were some times when High School can be fun like, doing partner projects or group discussions). As I continue on with my day, I finished Hourou Musuko (Wandering son), and watched Hotarubi No Mori E. Also, thanks to my older brother for suggesting me such a great Anime movie named Hotarubi No Mori E, as I really liked it. And while I was suggested an Anime, I suggested him 5 Centimeters per Second. So yeah, for some reason, my older brother never disappoints me when it comes to good Animes (so good for him). Maybe later I would write a review on Hotarubi No Mori E and Hourou Musuko, as I finished both of them. And since I’m talking about Anime; if any of you guys have watched Naruto Shippuden, the current episodes, I’m not going to bother myself to watch it, until it gets better.


(Hourou Musuko on the left and Hotarubi no mori e on the right)

How my life is going so far;

I’m doing quite fine as I do tend to get tired or bored sometimes (and Video games are starting to be a bit boring now, as there isn’t anything new to the Video Game genres). The reason for being tired is that, I still have to go help out my grandparents sell there vegetables at a farmers market, almost on every Saturday. Including that, I wake up 6:00AM in the morning (Sometime earlier) and work at two different farmers market till 5AM-6PM. (My older brother doesn’t want to go work and so does my sister. And that’s where it always leads to me, as I seem like the guy who does everything in the family). Sooo yeah; I wouldn’t really mind helping out my grandparents sell there vegetables since I’ve done it since I was probably a kid ( probably when I was 4 years old?) So I guess my life is doing just fine (I must watch all the ANIME!)


Anything that’s upcoming this Month;

Happy Birthday to me on September 26, 2015! So what am I going to do on my birthday? Most likely nothing, or I might go eat at a restaurant, so yeah (as for my last birthday, I saved my most favorite drink, brisk, drank it, and I just remember that this is the month and day I was born). Sad I know, but I really like drinking brisk and being by my self so I thought it was all good. So hopefully I don’t forget my own birthday like I did when I was a 5th Grader. So I hope I get to relax and have another great birthday (and my birthday is on a Saturday, so that probably means no farm work; wooh!)


So anything else before I go?

I really have nothing to say, but all I can say really is; I haven’t wrote one of these posts in such a long time! I mean like, it’s been two months/one month and a half since I’ve wrote, “My Otaku Life”. So that’s all I have to say for today! So see you guys later, peace!


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