-Hourou Musuko/Wandering Son; I’m Picking Up This Anime Again/My Thoughts So Far For This Show- – (Anime)- -Mark’s Blog-

9c7927b063b3e7f70fb0a52d422e54851293496905_fullI started to watch this Anime from 2 weeks by now (the reason I didn’t binge watch it all was because of school work and stuff). As I stopped watching 1 year ago, here I am picking up the Anime again. I just liked the concept of this Anime due to young problems (like young love) and the main characters who want to be a girl when they’re a boy or vice versa. So let’s get down to what I think about the show so far.

As I thought that the story was really original, as the concept of the story being; a boy who wants to be a girl (which is Nitori, the main character) and a girl who wants to be a boy (which is another main character, Takatsuki). As I thought this show was allot more serious compared to other Anime shows; It was more serious than the Animes of Toradora and, Say I Love You. As I felt like the Anime really had a pretty good story to it, the story could tend to be a bit boring here and there, as some of the characters can never let things go or that a few people will be annoyingly serious. As I thought these characters actually did make the Anime feel allot more realistic; it makes this Slice Of Life Anime interesting (even though it’s boring and annoying to watch sometimes). As I see how the Anime art is, I just think it looks like a very bright-ish art style to it. As most of the time I see white everywhere and yet again, this made this show quite original (by having a different type of art style). As it goes for their background music/ost’s, it felt like some songs were kind of peaceful yet energetic or saddening and soothing. Most of the background music that Hourou Musuko play’s are mainly instrumental. As for an example of instruments they play, violin, piano, xylophone, drums, etc (as I lack the knowledge of remembering what instruments they play). And I guess I’m done (I was about to talk about the Opening and Ending song but, I’m too tired to even write one more word).

Hourou Musuko Opening Song, “Itsudatte”:


Hourou Musuko Ending Song, “For You”:

Anything else before I go?

Hopefully I get to finish this show today or tomorrow (because I’d expect the end of the show to be good), and I’ll probably do a VideoGame post about Kingdom Hearts III or probably another Anime post (if I can find one) in the future (which does not mean a year). But anyways, see you guys later, peace.


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