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Trust and betrayaklBefore I write about my review on Rurouni Kenshin (Trust And Betrayal). This was one of my favorite childhood Anime show, Rurouni Kenshin. I was probably 6 years old when I first watched Trust And Betryal and the Rurouni Kenshin Anime. I know what you’re thinking, why did you watch a gory Anime show like Kenshin? Because Anime fights, but for me now, it’s story. So let’s just get into Rurouni Kenshin, Trust And Betrayal.


(Warning, this give allot of spoilers)

Plot: This takes place before Kenshin becomes a wanderer and it tells the story of how Shinta gets his name as Kenshin (and he also learns how to use the Hiten Mitsurugi and recieves his infamous scar on his face). As a group of Bandits come to kill a bunch of travelers, which so happens Shinta Himura were along with the travelers, he saw all of the blood shed that has happened. Then after all of the travels died, a powerful Swordsman named Hiko Seijuro, came to kill the group of bandits. As Shinta was all alone now, Hiko takes Shinta as an apprentice, and renames him, Kenshin. Then years later, Kenshin left his master, as he wanted to fight for the innocent. Then he joins the Choshu Clan and becomes a fearless killer, later to be called as a Battōsai (man slayer). After Kenshin trys to assassinate Kiyosato Akira, a bodygaurd; Kenshin get’s sliced on the cheek by Kiyosato. Then Kiyosato dies due to Kenshin.  As an assassin later try’s to kill Kenshin, Kenshin successfully kills the assassin in front a girl named Yushiro Tomoe; which kenshin later finds out he killed her fiance.

and that’s basically how Trust and Betrayal begins.

For a better Explanation of the plot by the Kenshin Wiki

and a recomendation video from my older brother (a more sophisticated review. and I do not own this video)


My Impression: I’m surprised on how amazing this OVA was and how great the voice acting was compared to the Anime ( I haven’t watched the Anime in a while but I did come across finding a fight scene between Kenshin and Cho, and the voice acting was just so meh-ish). But anyways, I felt so many feels when Kenshin’s family or friends or whoever died to those bandits (Poor Kenshin). As I rarely get emotional over things, I would have to say that, that scene made me as emotional as I could be (I mean Tomoe’s death was kind of sad, but just seeing kenshin’s friends or FAMILY, whatever, getting killed just like that in beginning was the climax to the OVA ,just like that). As I really enjoyed the old look to Trust And Betrayal, as it really looked like one of those old looking Animes (Ironically, it probably is an old show/movie). Now as for the story; I really liked how it went as it was mostly full of sad scenes and scenes of Kenshin’s dark past. And one last thing that I thought about this movie; just the way Kenshin says the word “what”, just amuses me so much (Rewatch Trust And Betrayal and just try to hear Kenshin say “what”, it’s quite funny. Well in my opinion that is).

and I guess that’s it (as I edit through my blog, my impression paragraph was pretty horrible, not gonna lie. But oh well). Well, see you guys later, peace!


(Well before I go, here’s some Original AMV’s)

AMV, Numb by Linkin Park:


AMV. In The End by Linkin Park:


(And here’s the battle between Enshi/Tomoe’s Brother VS Kenshin)


2 thoughts on “-Walking Down Memory Lane; Rurouni Kenshin, Trust And Betrayal- -(Anime/Movie/OVA)- -Mark’s Blog-

  1. Trust and Betrayal is indeed amazing. In fact, I think it’s perhaps the best anime I’ve ever seen!

    Just a note – Kenshin’s “family” at the beginning is not his family at all. He’s being sold off into slavery and is being cared for by those women, who are also enslaved. In that way, it’s an even more amazing sacrifice as they give away their lives to try to save Shinta, whom they’re not even related to.

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