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Before I talk about one of my most favorite Comedy Slice Of Life shows Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou; let me just say, I really enjoyed watching this show (and I’m pretty sure I’ve wrote a blog post about this before), So enjoy my Review!

Plot:The Highschooler Usa Kazunari goes to a highschool being a freshmen and fantasizes the thought on how he would like to live in
“peace and comfort” during his highschool life and also how he would like to spend time with an intellectual and refined girlfriend. After passing through the halls and then through the library, Usa notices someone and wants to date a young female like her. Now Usa lives in the Kawai Complex and later befriends people that live near him and the young avid book reader, Kawai Ritsu.

Review/Impressions: I really enjoyed how this show had some very good brightened and colorful art work to the show (Which means the art for this show was pretty good). The Background Music or OST’s (Original Soundtracks) were set so perfectly whenever there was a happy scene to a sad scene with beautiful instrumental music or sad scenes to a funny scene with there own type of background music (preferably an energetic type song). I really enjoy hearing B0kura Wa Minna Kawaisou’s Soundtracks, as they were very instrumental and beautiful (Which I said before) as some soundtracks for me now, tended to make me quite nostalgic or quite soothed (unless they were the funny and energetic type Sound Tracks). As for voice acting, I would say it was perfectly done and none of the voice actors sounded a bit unfitting to and of their characters. They’re expressions in the show were quite great, when it came to perverted scenes, cringe worthy scenes, hilarious scenes, or even saddening scenes (I felt like none of there emphasis of speech lacked anything at all). I thought this show was going to one of those Rom-Com’s but apparently I was wrong, it was a show about Usa trying to get a bit closer to Kawai (which confuses me if Usa likes Kawai or just wants to be friends. Usa will always be in the Friend Zone I guess, or maybe not even in the Friend Zone at all; oh boy). I guess that’s all for my Review! (Sorry for the review being a bit short)

(Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou Ost’s)

If you want to listen to the specific songs, here’s the youtuber’s video link.


Thank you for reading, and after a whole month, I hope you enjoyed my review. So see you guys later, peace! (I’m starting to read the manga, so hopefully I don’t stop reading it)!



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