-Being Gone For A While And, My One Year Old Blog- – (Real Life)- -(Mark’s Blog)

Sorry to disappoint allot of people for me being gone for a whole month now; but I guess I had too much fun during my summer vacation. The reason I haven’t been posting at all for an entire month is for two reasons; the lack of inspiration, and the lack of Animes. This summer was quite fun but I was really expecting to find some new good Anime shows to watch in the summer but, they most likely turned out to be Ecchi shows, Corny shows, or even Harem shows (But I did hear there was a good Harem out there; it’s probably overrated though). I was thinking about writing about my life, but it really wouldn’t be anime related and It wouldn’t be “An Otaku’s Life”. So I just stopped writing about “My Life”. I know there are probably allot of good shows out there that I haven’t fully watched yet like Yu Yu Hashuko and Hell Sing but along my Summer break I did finish Hunter X Hunter (Which was suggested by my older Brother. As he kept on begging me to watch it and how he kept on telling me how awesome it really was, I regretted not watching Hunter X Hunter one year ago).

Happy Birthday to Mark’s Blog too (Which is me); my Blog just turned one year old, WooHoo! After looking through the past year of my blog, all I can say is; I’m proud of my self (but I’m not proud that I haven’t written a blog post in a month).

For me right about now is; if I can maintain my blog and keep it interesting for people to see (which is you, the viewers). In simple terms, should I retire from Blogging, continue Blogging, or Semi-Retire from Blogging (Which means I would come back when I feel like it). But I just like to be Semi-Retired from almost everything I do so yes; I’m not dead.

My current life today; as you might know, I’m a Highschooler at Franklin High and my current age is 14. My main goals in life is to learn in the business career and someday become a stockbroker and binge watch Anime and playing games (unless I actually have a life, and I do something else than doing either of those two). Now I wait until 8 more years until I actually look for a job (I would be 22 Years old; which would be a very very long time by now). And the first couple of days in my school were pretty boring (Which I would kind of expect because it’s the first couple of days of school). With me choosing which language to take; I chose Japanese (No I’m not a Weeabo, don’t worry lol. I just hope I can say my words right, cause apparently I can’t write English Grammar correct). So yeah, that’s all of the things that’s pretty much happening in my life.

Sorry for not posting lately, and I don’t know if I will be writing a blog post any time soon or at any time; so see you guys later, peace!


2 thoughts on “-Being Gone For A While And, My One Year Old Blog- – (Real Life)- -(Mark’s Blog)

  1. I don’t think you should sweat too much whenever you miss blogging. As long as you come back, I see no problem with it. Enjoying it is what matters, in my opinion. Anyway, keep on watching anime and have fun in school. Cheers!

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