-Day 13 Of An Otaku’s Summer Life; My Inactivity And Some Updates About My Life- -Mark’s Blog-

otakusummerBlogging, inactivity, gone for weeks, life; full of busy things! I rarely get time to write blog posts! So here I am to talk about my day or should I say; days. I’ve been busy with many things that mainly include family and maybe a little bit of Anime. First thing; family to me is like a priority and I had to go to my grandma’s Farm one day to pick up allot of garlic for her .(lets just say, I wasn’t picking up 1 piece garlic, 10 pieces of garlic, 100 pieces of garlic but at least a 100 and more pieces of garlic! And that was just one day). After resting up for maybe like, a day, I had to go to my grandma’s farmers market at like 8 O’ clock in the morning. I was so beat and, when my brother dropped me off at the farmers market, my Grandma didn’t even come until 9:30AM. And I was just like, ‘WHHHHHYYYYYY!” (When it’s a Saturday, you better be prepared to wake up at like 5′ O clock in the morning; and when your sleeping over at my Farmer Grand Parents, you better wake up at 3 O’ Clock in the morning)! But luckily it was on a Tuesday, and it wasn’t so busy on that day (Because people got jobs to do right)? After the next day, I just sat around with my Uncle (who was a few years old than me) watching T.V and we had some fun talking and watched people get catfished on TV. (I’m such an evil person aren’t I)?. So then my Dad tells me my Cousin is coming over and I was thinking to my self, I’m too beat to deal with any more family members (When family calls; it’s most likely going to happen when your busy or about to die trying to rest). Well there goes one week of my Summer. Now it was a Thursday and I was playing some games with my younger Cousin like Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart Wii, and Kingdom Hearts II (also my Uncle was with me, and he wanted to play Kingdom Hearts II cause he was also into the gaming Franchise). Now it’s Friday or something like that and we went bike riding like maybe a mile to a park and played basketball for probably a straight hour. Then we went back home (Once again a mile), played games, had fun, then my Cousin got picked up (Time to rest up) and that was it for that day. Then someone dropped off my Uncle to the Farmers Market on Saturday (Which I forgot who dropped him off there) then I had to go to the doctor’s appointment on the same day. I had some blood drawn out and I just took it like a man and felt the pain go straight through my right arm. (But I didn’t even know I was getting blood taken out so yeah.). Then I decided to play games in peace but I only played for probably an hour and I went to sleep. Then this is where the ANIME kicks in, I’m trying to think of a show to watch but still nothing. I tried to look at various of new 2015 Animes but; they’ll either look non appealing to me or, the Anime writers this year have gotten lazy and started to create over a billion Ecchi or Harem shows which I don’t want see (I just feel like Anime writers are just shoving a bunch of unbearable Cliche things infront of my face and saying to me, “YOU WILL WATCH IT, AND ENJOY IT!”). So anyways; I just decided to rewatch some old shows and I did mention it in a blog post on Day 12 Of An Otaku’s Life. But if I can just find one good show to watch; I’d probably be a Weeabo and like everything about it. (Most likely every good show that I watch). Just kidding, just kidding; but, that’s it about my life.


Now about my life/update (weren’t you just talking about it Mark?); I’m going to be attending Franklin Highschool, instead of Hamilton Highschool (Could my life get any better 😀 )? And I guess that was it for my self so yeah. I also wanted to talk about my sister Emily (Or EmilyKoreanDrama; that’s her blogger name). She’ll be attending Franklin Middle School and unfortunately she won’t be writing a blog post for a grade at my/her old Middle School, AE. Burdick. (Sorry to all of the people who got excited to see my sister do what I did. But still, it’s alright I guess). I don’t know if my little Sister will be writing posts any time soon because, she mainly wants to write things “on her own” and she’ll just write them when ever she wants too. But anyways, go check out her blog if you guys want to. (There’s your Shout Out Emily, now quit bothering me lol).

That’s all for today I guess but; it would be really kind if you guys supported my sisters blog and it would mean allot to my sister if you guys just check her blog out. So anyways, see you guys later, peace!

(I just remembered today was a Teusday! You know what that means right!? TOKYO GHOUL:RE Next Chapter BOYIES! Wait; MY SISTER HAS MY PHONE, NOOOOO!)



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