-An Otaku’s Summer Life, Day 12; I’m Back- -(Real Life)- -Mark’s Blog-

(There will be Anime Posts in the second Paragraph and Life in the first Paragraph)

Has it been two weeks already? (Three you say?) Well no worries, I’m back. During my two-three week break, I was mainly busy with family (Which I hope you guys can understand) and my older Brothers Tennis Tournament (Which I’ll explain later). So anyways, regrading me being gone in a whole week was yes (and obviously), my family. And if you read, “An Otaku’s Life Day 10” , it’ll explain why I was gone for maybe one or two weeks (Which ever comes first). Now regarding my Brothers Tennis Tournament; so it took maybe like 4 days for me to get home and most of the time I was at my Brothers Tennis Tournament or at relatives or at stores. Not to mention that the Stores that I went to were quite awesome like, Mall America or Hmong Village (Hmong Village is a pretty much a place where they sell many cultural stuff for my race; Hmong, and there was alot of great foods and drinks there too. Mmm, Nab Vam sounds good right now).

(This is Nab Vam and it’s a drink; just in case you guys didn’t know.)


That’s all I got to say really about my life I guess.

Now time for Anime;

Hunter X Hunter, Attack On Titan and Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou; all three of these shows is me either watching or rewatching the shows. (Attack On Titan and Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou are the ones that I’m starting to rewatch). So Hunter X Hunter; a show that my Old Brother has been bugging me about for nearly a year and after watching it in 2015, I think this show is pretty good. So now I’ll just say what Hunter X Hunter is kinda about.

Hunter X Hunter; a show about your Main Protagonist Gon Freecs and his befriended Friends that he’ll later meet named Killua, Kurapika and Lerio. They later find each other on a boat with a bunch of others in the same boat that’re trying to become hunters. With Gon’s ambition to becoming a Hunter to go way far out a extremely long distance to hunt people and understand why his dad left to become one, he goes out to find his dad. With Gon’s friends with him, they too have dreams or desires to becoming a Hunter for their very own reasons.


If you guys have watched One Piece, all I can say is; they’re quite similar (but I would say, Hunter X Hunter is probably more violent with just a bit of a better story than one piece but, One Piece has a bit more sadder feel to it and alot more bad das feeling to it). Hunter X Hunter has pretty great Characters mainly due to the fact that most of them have reasons to becoming Hunters. (Spoilers on this sentence), Like Lerio wants to become a Doctor, Kurapika wants to avenge his peoples deaths by killing the people who killed them; the Spider Troupe and don’t forget about Gon Freecs searching out for his dad. (And Killua has nothing to do but being friends will Gon I guess lol). Hopefully one of these days I’ll get the reference “I’m; GON FREECS!” (Which I heard some where on the internet).

(Why not “Smile Again” with this song 😀 .)

(Here’s another song; “Hunting For Your Dreams”)

(I really hate this guy and afraid of this guy. Dangit HISOKA, now I get to see your face in my pictures!!! If your disturbed by this GIF, I can take it down XD)


What is Attack On Titan about; Attack On Titan is a show that has had humanity stayed in large walls in order to keep out the Titans. Titans are unintelligent, extremely large in size and genderless. Titans will also eat humans. (Pretty much what Attack On Titan is except; they have weapons to kill the titans called the 3d Maneuver gear).


Attack On Titan, I’m kind of glad I watched this and I’m just kinda like meh. The reason for me being glad is that, there’s just so many feels to the show and; watching the titans get killed by freaking bad dasses (Cough Cough, Mikasa and Levi, Cough Cough); it just makes me get the chills.

“If you begin to regret, you’ll dull your future decisions and let others make your choices for you” -Erwin (Attack On Titan, No Regrets OVA). (Warning, this video is quite gruesome to some people. It includes gore and limbs. You’ve been warned). -Mark

So now for the reason why I feel like meh; mainly because I’ve watched it already and I know what happens. (Can’t wait for the Second Season though)! Rewatching the show has probably gotten me hooked into watching the Second Season; mainly because it looks freaking awesome. I guess that’s all for AOT.

Now for Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou; a highschool kid named Usa lives in an old looking place called the Kawai Complex. Usa goes to school and wants to live a peaceful life and in hopes to find a girl that he likes. The crazy and weird things that the other complex residents do there might not make it quite peaceful but at least Usa finds a girl that he likes.


I just love this show and their sexual humor; you can never get enough of it. Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou; there art style is pretty good and the story is probably even greater. Even though some scenes could be quite weird cliche or even sometimes overly excessive sexual jokes, the relationship between Usa with everyone else and most importantly Kawai compensates allot for the shows funny and weirdest things.

(Nope no bugs today!)


(Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou Op and Ending Song)

And that’s all for This Anime.

Hey before I go, add me on My Anime List! And thank you TWWK for introducing me to this website; I forgot to create an account but here I am finally with an account! My account’s Username is, ImMark . And if you have a Steam Account (Games), add me on there, my Username is MarkYaaj . See you guys later peace!


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