-An Otaku’s Life, Day 10; A Busy Week- -(Real Life)- -Mark’s Blog-

Sorry for being gone for nearly a week, one of my family members came back home (Into Milwaukee). Hopefully you guys can understand why I was gone (Heh Heh). School is gone and now it’s summer; but I have nothing to do lol. (But my cousin came back; I guess I actually have something to do, hmm). Pretty much on my weekend, I just played a bunch of videogames and went out to go do some things. (like go bowling and go see a 40 or 60 acre Garden). Speaking of garden; the Botanical Garden! Probably the most gorgeous place you can ever go to, where it has variety of flowers, variety of themed gardens, and even a huge variety of path ways to go to.

(This was one of my favorites; the Japanese themed Garden).



(I do not own any of these pictures)

For me personally, if I had a camera; I would take a picture of almost everything there.

Other things I did, I went to go celebrate my Grandpa’s 75th Birthday and even celebrate Fathers Day  (the same Grand Parent). The reasoning for it is because; his birthday is very close to Fathers Day, so why not just celebrate his birthday on the same day as Fathers day. I really enjoyed eating some of the grilled food like hotdogs and hamburgers but, I also ate some other things like cake. (Mmm, sounds good right now). Right after a couple of hours after Celebrating my Grand pa’s B-Day/Fathers Day, my family (including my cousin that came down to Milwaukee) went out to go to a Festival called, “Greek Fest”. There was music playing everywhere, flames and smokey yet flavorful smells were in the air and lastly, there was allot of carnival rides an games. (Which were most likely rigged). I was going to every food stand and all I saw was, pita bread with some sort of meat or just meat by it’s self. (So I just went to other stands and just got a regular hotdog with some regular corn and with some regular lemonade; which actually tasted pretty nice and sweet). After eating my Hotdog and Corn; I went to go play some carnival games! I went to a basketball one and the hoop was pretty far and I only had 5 or 6 shots to make in the hoop (it costed  like 5 dollars or something like that for 5 shots)? After playing, I hit the rim 5 out of 6 times and missed all of them. (And I bet this game was rigged too because other people couldn’t get the ball inside as well).

(“Are these games rigged?”)

and later I played some ring toss (Where you have to throw rings on top of the bottle and of course I lost; so did my cousin and sister.). Later on, I went on rides that made me go in circles and that made get nauseous (Well, I guess you get sick with rides when you get older, hmm.) The last place I went to when I was at Greek Fest was, a mini Funhouse that was filled with mirrors.

Me: Lets turn left.

My Sister: Lets go this way.

My Cousin: It’s this way guys.

After following my cousin

My Sister: How’d we get out so fast?

My Cousin: If you look up on the ceiling you can see where your going.

Me in my mind: That’s genius!

So anyways; after the Funhouse, we walked towards the bathroom, then toward the food stand, then walkied next to the parking lot, then we just went home in our cars. Now it’s Monday and I just finished chapter 31 or something on Tokyo Ghoul:RE? (And I guess it was alright). So what am I do right now? Watching people get conned on Youtube ( the youtube channels name is called “The Real Hustle”). And I guess I have nothing else to talk about. (Except the fact that me and my entire family went out to a place called China Town in Chicago!) Maybe I’ll tell it next time? (If I remember).

Anything else before I go?

Once again, sorry for being gone for like a week now but, I feel like I’m going to be busy this week as well due to some hardcore family time and even other things like work. (Like helping out my Grand Parents at the Farmers Market). But I haven’t gone out to help them just yet so don’t except to see me or credit me on helping my grand parents just yet.

So yeah, see you guys later, peace!

(Maybe later I should do a post about my favorite Photos that I have currently and some of the most funniest ones too)!

(Koe No Katachi/ A Silent Voice)


(Tokyo Ghoul,Bottom)



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