-An Otaku’s Life, Day 9- -(Real Life)- -Mark’s Blog-

June 14, 2015 12:43 PM

Good evening I guess and I’m back from my mini break. So I just graduated 3 days ago and I guess I feel happy? I really don’t know because I felt neutral towards my graduation. (Probably because I forget that I’m not going to my Middle School next year). But much love to my Middle School AE.Burdick.

“So when and how did you begin your blogging career?” -Anonymous

“When I started Eighth Grade and my Teacher assigned everyone in our class to do a blog and that’s why I’m here, lol” -Mark Yang

(I’m going to remember that quote for the rest of my life lol).

So anyways, I’m out of school and I’m still doing blog posts, so why not quit? Because I’ll have nothing to do in the summer time and blogging is probably the only thing (besides watching anime, reading Manga, and playing games). Blogging is kind of thing where if I’m bored or, if I watch or do something that’s worth mentioning, I’ll be posting things on my blog. (Which is mainly what other blogs are like and what I’m like with my blog). I probably did nothing all day playing games of Pool on my IPhone called; 8 Ball Pool. (Which you can also play on the internet such as on Facebook or Miniclip).

(Almost forgot, now I’m on the computer eating some Ramen Noodles)


(The Ramen Noodles that I created my self. And if your wondering what’s inside it is; an egg).

 Now, onto yesterday; me and my brother just beat the game; Tenchu Wrath Of Heaven and we finished it probably in a day and we had some fun. Another game I played was, Team Fortress 2 and I guess it was an all right game. It’s quite simple to play because, you get to choose a person that has specific abilities and weapons that you can use and go shoot someone or hit them with an object (most likely a sword or a bat). Back to the present, now that I think about it, I just read the new chapter of Tokyo Ghoul:RE and I guess it wasn’t to special. It just shows a little bit about Tsukiyama’s story and Haise thinking about his past or something like that. (Which I’m coming to the Conclusion that Tsukiyama is pretty messed up right now and Haise is going to go Insane sooner or later).

(Hang in there Haise, don’t go insane just yet).


Since I don’t want to wait until it’s 8:00 PM to post this, I’m just going to end it here and, I’ll try to find a new way on writing, An Otaku’s Life. But before I go, my games are evil and they always appear almost everywhere. (The number 666) My games are truly evil.

(Oh my, is that me in the bottom right corner in the 8 Ball Pool Picture? Hmmm).



Well anyways guys, see you guys later, peace!


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