-An Otaku’s Life, Day 8; The Graduation- – (Real Life)- -Mark’s Blog-

June 11, 2015  7:40AM

Good Morning, evening, night, or where ever you live Ohayo おはよう (Oh-hi-yo) (Good Morning in Japanese). Today’s a good day; it’s my Middle School graduation today! 


Unfortunately for me, it’s going to be like 12 hours or 14 hours until it actually happens. But In the mean time, I’m in my other school room (Room 207). Right now, I’m playing some HTML Texas Hold ’em Poker. (Surprised that MPS didn’t block that website). Right now, I’m starting to suck and apparently Lady Luck isn’t on my side today. (Must be the game rigging me to lose. Mmmm, maybe). Anyways, I ate some grilled food that my brother made and it was quite good. (Even though I only ate the hot dogs). Me and my family had some fun eating food and talking. (Which we mainly did). So I went to go play some Video games (Roblox mainly) and i just played the game Warfare most of the time.

11:22 AM

I’m back, and I just encountered this photo:

(I found this Photo quite funny and I didn’t mind when Axel says his words to Roxas “Got It Memorized?”. Still a funny photo though.)


So, I went to go practice for my graduation thingy again, there were fans (Because it was a bit hot in there ). I can’t remember that much that happened in the past hours except for me eating chips and drinking root beer with everyone in a room (Soft Drinks, cause were to young to drink and I wouldn’t want to drink alcohol anyways). So yeah, I’m about to graduate in 7 hours. Lets talk about what I’m currently doing, I’m listening to most of the OST’s songs from Kingdom Hearts like, Xion’s Theme, Roxas’ Theme, Dearly Beloved (Not an OST), Vector to the Heavens (Pretty much Xion’s Theme but more fast paced and probably the saddest one), and I guess that’s al of the things I’m listening too. Maybe I’ll go listen to Tokyo Ghouls’ OST, Attack On Titans or some other show that includes killing people.

Xion’s Theme (Such a sad theme) :

Roxas’ Theme (Another sad Theme):

Vector To The Heavens (The saddest Theme) :

I got nothing else to talk about so see you guys so see you guys in a bit or maybe I’ll end the post here? Lets see until later.


Konbanwa こんばんは (Good evening), It’s literally 2 O’clock and I did a few things. Play some music, help out with things (like carry books to a specific place and help out with the graduation; a bit) and had some fun playing games. I guess that was mainly it though. I really wish I was home right about now and I don’t want to go to my graduation in the rain and at 6:00 PM, thats a very long time. But you know what, it’s my graduation, and I will attend it! (But I still want to go home). Now then, lets see, 4 more hours till graduation. (At least it’s allot more sooner). I got nothing else to do but sit in a room, but I guess I have a computer. I’ll see you guys soon.

June 12,  6:12

Well I’m back and graduated wooh! But now I have nothing to do, hmm. Oh well I got nothing else to talk about, peace!


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