-An Otaku’s Life, Day 7; Before The Ceremony- -(Real Life)- -Mark’s Blog-

June 10, 2015  8:07AM

What do you know, it’s my favorite number; 7. As the title says, “Before The Ceremony”, I’m going to graduate tomorrow. (Also, congratulations to all of the graduates of Room 205 and Room 207 inside my school). In a couple of hours I’m going to be practicing for my graduation. (Which we probably should have done earlier) but anyways, lets talk about yesterday. I actually played games! I played the FPS (First person Shooter) Combat Arms and Roblox. (And I also played some sort of shooting game on Roblox I think it was called Warfare). I also noticed that Combat Arms came out with a new game called, “Combat Arms Line Of Sight” and the trailers and gameplays throughout youtube look amazing. (Including that it’s a free game and it’s being ran on the Unreal Engine).  The only thing I didn’t like about Combat Arms Line Of Sight was, it wasn’t available for the United States. I really don’t blame Combat Arms for not allowing us to play Line Of Sight and here are some reasons. Not that many people play on Combat Arms in the US servers (Even when people get free stuff so they do come back). People hack the game too much which ruins the game and, the US Combat Arms community is probably getting worse. But I hope Combat Arms Line Of Sight comes to the US!

(Combat Arms Line Of Sight GamePlay By UndercoverDudes)

Back to the current time, I woke up, I was feeling tired, then I got out of my bed, then my vision started to get all blurry and my body started to spaz a little bit and then I accidentally hit my lamp and water bottles, causing a huge noise. (I hope I wasn’t getting possessed there for a second lol and sorry for the run on sentence). Yep, life is good man when you wake up out of your bed and your spazzing out of nowhere and have a blurry vision. (Just kidding, Just kidding). All I ate today was rice crispies cereal and just some part of a heresies bar. (I guess I can’t complain because it was one of my favorite cereals). Then I just went off to my bus and came to school. Then it comes to me going into my homeroom writing about my life. (Which is this blog post). And I guess that’s it for now; I’ll be back later!

12:58 PM

Today was cold and hot, back to back, 24/7. The rooms were cold and outside were quite steaming. (Hmm, I wonder if I just created a poem there). Anyways, when ever I was inside my homeroom (205) I felt extremely cold, even with my sweater (but I guess it doesn’t matter if you have a sweater in the coldest of cold). Then me and the classrooms had to practice on the graduation ceremony and man it was hot.

cold and hot glossy button set isolated over black
cold and hot glossy button set isolated over black

Oh yeah, all before it was cold and hot, we got to eat pizza; a lot of it. (We do only have one day left of school and; thanks Mr. Skonecki and Mrs.Brennan for the Pizza, drinks and chips. Also Mrs. Muler for helping out, thanks). All of my classmates were blasting music, talking, and their was me, watching Street Fighter 4 on my Computer while playing Critical strike (Which is game similar to Counter Strike) and Agar Io. (I really wish I could play other games like Roblox or Runescape but, you can’t play either of them on MPS Computers/Laptops. And MPS is my School’s Program Name). I really want to go home, I’m tired and I still have 40 more minutes until I get to leave.(Which is 1:46 PM currently). Hopefully I don’t start to spaz again when I get up from my chair but for now, I’m stalling and trying to find something else to write about.

Well I got nothing else to talk about so anyways, see you guys later, peace.


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