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June 9th, 2015  7:41AM

Sorry I didn’t write anything yesterday, I just didn’t have any ideas (meaning I was too lazy), and I came up with an idea to write an Anime Review (Angel Beats). On another note, my brother is back from college (because it’s his summer break). I didn’t get time to play games or even time to watch Anime (because my brother want me to go play tennis and we played for a straight hour or two). Almost forgot, apparently I’m not going to Hamilton and I was accepted by golden Meir then yesterday my parents told me I’m going to Franklin Highschool. (accept me to another school, I dare yah). In all seriousness, I’m really happy that Franklin Highschool has accepted me to there school and, I hope my experiences with Franklin are genuine.

(The Franklin Sabers Logo)


Currently; I’m bored writing on my blog and I woke up, went back to sleep, ate some spaghetti that I got from my Eatly Field trip . (Maybe I should have written, Un-otaku life because I didn’t even write about things that relate to “otaku” things). And what I feel right now; tired. Well I guess I have nothing else to talk about; see you in a bit.

(I’ll just add this here so it relates to something, “Otaku”).


7:51 PM

I just went to go look at Franklin and dang, it was huge! Sorry if this post took a while but yeah, a long time ago (Which was 8 or 10 hours? Oh well). What else did I do? I guess I did nothing except for the fact that this game is quite popular through out my class, “Agar Io”. Later on, after seeing everyone play it; why not give it a try. Soooo, I played Agar Io and it was quite fun. The objective is, you are a mini circle, you have to collect dots to get bigger. If your a big dot and lets say another person was a smaller dot, you can eat them and grow bigger as well. Do you win, I don’t think so! So it’s pretty much a continuous thing of people consuming other people. (Let me rephrase that because it sounded really weird) People collecting dots and growing bigger by overpowering other circles. (Better).

If you want to play Agar Io ( http://agar.io/ ).


Sorry I was playing Agar IO but I’m back once again. I have nothing else to talk about and, I really got to sleep I’m kinda tired. But before I leave let me just say something; I’m going to graduate in two days (Thursday). So go me and the entire class of Room 205 and Room 207 AE.Burdick class.


Well see you guys later, peace.

(Check out whose blogs is better, Room 205 or Room 207. And I’m Room 205) -Mark



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