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(There will be spoilers everywhere in this post so bewarn!!!)


Kingdom Hearts, probably one of my most favorite game franchises as of today. I just finished playing Kingdom Hearts II and, there was allot of grieving. Axel dies, Namine reunites into a whole with Kairi, and then Roxas reunites into a whole with Sora and I was like, “Axel and Roxas is gone”! (The only thing I didn’t like about Kingdom Hearts was, they made Axel’s death boring and it was kind of weird because Axel just blew his self up). Anyways, I can’t wait for Kingdom Hearts 3! I’m pretty sure it’s not confirmed on when it’s going to be released but I have seen their trailers; they’re actually not that bad! (And I think it’ll be runned on the Unreal Engine; which I’m really happy mainly because, the Unreal Engine has great graphics and the trailers were awesome)


(Roxas and Namine reunite/becomes whole again)


Axel’s Death (I guess his death was a little sad) :


Anyways, since I don’t have much to talk about Kingdom Hearts II now, let me just say some facts about the things I did in the game:

Fact 1, I played this game 6 times when I was little and failed to play the game, on easy. Then I played this game two weeks ago and I save my game on the 7th save file and beat game on the 7th save file. (7 is my favorite Number by the way).

Fact 2, Valor Form is my most used Form


(This is Sora’s Valor Form)


Fact 3, I dual wield the Oath Keeper and Oblivion in Valor Form (Just like Roxas except, Roxas doesn’t have to turn into any form and he could dual wield the Oath Keeper and Oblivion. This is why Roxas is the better character in my opinion).

Fact 4, I only used the tent once in Kingdom Hearts II (it’s supposed to heal you in game), and this kind of proves how useless the tent could be.

download (1)

Fact 5, My Favorite Keyblades throughout the game of Kingdom Hearts II is, the Oath Keeper, Oblivion, Star Keeper and the Kingdom Key.


Fact 6, My favorite character throughout Kingdom Hearts II is Roxas (which is no surprise).

Fact 7, My Favorite Nobody character is Xion. (And Axel too but, Xion probably has the most screen time in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days and I really thought that she had the saddest death and the best death throughout the whole Kingdom Hearts Series. In my opinion).

Axel’s on the left, Roxas in the middle and Xion on the right. (Roxas is also on the bottom)


Fact 8, I’m level 60 or level 55 in Kingdom Hearts. (Maybe less)

Last fact 9, I beat the game on easy.


(and yes this is my picture and my score)


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days,


I didn’t play the game 358/2 days but I did watch this on youtube. (Which I heard the game sucked but the story was great so I just watched all of the cutscenes). I basically just watch a 2 hour movie full of cutscenes and, the story was just beautiful.

What Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is, it’s about how Roxas came into the world as a Nobody and how Roxas came to be. (Or his past). When Sora sacrificed his heart to help save his friend Kairi from death, Roxas came into the world. Roxas was confused about everything because he basically knew nothing about his self and, Organization XIII (13) took in Roxas. (Organization 13 is a group of Nobody’s who are after Kingdom Hearts. And Since Nobody’s have no heart, they can’t feel anything and so, they go after Kingdom Hearts to gain a heart). Later on, Roxas with not knowing anything at all, joins the Organization and goes around on missions to release hearts with his keyblade. (If someone obtains a Keyblade, they can release a heartless’ heart and only a Keyblade wielder can release them. And Roxas just happens to be a Keyblade User). Also the Organization needs Hearts to create Kingdom Hearts and that’s why they need Roxas. Later on, Roxas goes around worlds to collect hearts by destroying the Heartless. (Also Roxas befriends Axel and Xion and they go on missions sometimes and eat Sea-Salt Icecream on top of a railroad building; allot).


My thoughts about Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days

I really thought the story was quite sad and even interesting because, it’s Roxas’ past. (Once again). When I watched all of the cutscenes of this game it made me think, “is Organization 13 wrong for what they did?”. Think about it, they want hearts and they want to feel everything. Then you have Sora who kills a bunch of people in the Organization who wants to be a whole person or their own person with a heart. Yet again, there are evil people in the organization who wants to control Kingdom Hearts and use it for their own use. (Examples of good, Roxas, Axel and Xion want a heart and they destroy heartless to stop them from  destroying other Peoples hearts. Xemnas, he wants to control Kingdom Hearts; but I forgot what his whole purpose was for even trying to control it). But anyways back to my own thoughts and opinions; Xion dies! (Xion is also apart of Sora and the reason she was brought into the world was because; the organization wanted another keyblade wielder to collect hearts so, they extracted Sora’s memories of his friend Kairi and they created Xion. Now Xion is a keybalde wielder and she contains the memories of Sora’s memories of Kairi. Sorry if it’s complicated but yeah). I really thought it was best for Xion to go away because; Sora would forget his memories of Kairi and Sora would’ve never had waken up if Xion was still alive. But, I really wished Roxas, Axel and Xion were still alive. One last thing, R.I.P Roxas, Axel and Xion.

Xion’s Death:


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days Opening (If your in my class, watch from 0:00-1:05 then skip to 3:09)


Well I guess that’s all for now guys, see you guys later, peace!


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