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June 2, 2015 8:08 AM

I had so much fun yesterday! Our school had a field trip to Chicago, and the best thing was, we got to go on coach buses!

It looked like this,

images (1)

June 3, 2015 7:50 AM

(One day later) Well then, I guess I’m back. I just went to my schools carnival yesterday, went on an awesome field trip to the Linkin Park Zoo and even Eataly (In Chicago). There were various of animals there and even various of places to look at.  Unfortunately for me, only 4 students went on the trip and it was pretty much just me and my mom going around the zoo taking pictures and having fun. Now about Eataly; it’s an Italian store/restaurant where they sell Italian products. (Because you would assume that an Italian based place would sell Italian products right)? There were some nice smelling cheeses, the smell of pizza in the air, pasta and sauces as well. Eataly was just the best place ever. (Of course, there was a lot of wine there too if you like to drink. I’m too young to drink alchohol and please do not drink if your underage, depending on where you live. -Mark). When the Field trip was over, I just went home. (Which is basically what I done and what everyone else did as well).

(What the Pizza looked like when I ate it in Eataly. It was all freshly made with new ingredients and it was also put in a stone oven.)


(The Stone Oven)



Now then, time for Otaku things. I just finished Kingdom Hearts II! I BEAT IT! (On easy mode). (Spoilers) After Roxas and Namine Disapeared I was actually grieving towards those two characters (Or should I say Xion instead of Namine because Namine is a minor character in my opinion). I really wanted to see Roxas as his own whole person but you know what; he came back to Sora and became a whole person with Sora. (If only they did get Kingdom Hearts, Roxas would possibly be his own person).

Anime, on Tuesday I finally watched an Anime series; Hunter X Hunter.


June 4, 2015 7:41 AM

(Spoilers on Hunter X Hunter) I’m back! So anyways, Hunter X Hunter; it was freaking awesome! I think I finished off on episode 6 or 7 and killua was freaking brutal. Killua just went up to that serial killer like it was nothing and just straight up grabbed his heart out. (And when I thought I was Immune to Gore, this scene wasn’t so gorey and yet, it freaked me out by just a little). Since I haven’t watched Anime in so long, why not watch Hunter X Hunter. (My Older Brother would tell me to watch Hunter X Hunter almost every time he came near me and some times I would hear him say “watch Hunter X Hunter if your watching Anime”. And I guess he had a Legit reason to say “watch Hunter X Hunter”). Anime and Manga, I really want to do both but I don’t have a good Series to even read or watch. Until next time I guess.

I think I wrote just enough for today and yesterday. So anyways guys, see you guys later, peace!


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