-An Otaku’s Life, Day 3- -(Real Life)- -Mark’s Blog-

May 28, 2015  9:14 PM

Well, until Anime gets some good shows over the summer or even right now, that’ll be the day until I actually get to write an Anime Blog Post. But anyways, I just got done finishing “Mark Play’s Old Games, Kingdom Hearts, Part 2”, and I might do a third part. I played Kingdom Hearts II from 4 PM through 9 PM yesterday and I just turned off my PS2 and just went to bed.


Yesterday I just had some food craving over playing Kingdom Hearts II, Sea Salt Ice Cream.


I really want to try out Sea Salt Ice Cream so bad and it just looks so good too! But anyways, it’s almost the end of the school year for me; I have to go to an Honors Program today and a Soccer Practice (the honors program for me and soccer is at a different time), then I get a picnic on Saturday and a soccer game. (Go Middle School Burdick Green and Go Me I guess). I’m no longer sick and I’m feeling as normal as I could be.

Anyways, my day! Tuesday and Thursdays I have soccer practice, so I have to go find my soccer cleats my shin guards and throughout the house, I couldn’t find my soccer cleats. I look upstairs then I look through my living room and sun room, go downstairs and I finally go outside my door and find my soccer cleats in my mom’s car. It took me so long to find my soccer cleats. I think it took me like 10-20 minutes to look for it, which sucked then I went to go eat some cereal with only 10 minutes before I leave for the bus. But not to worry, I’m all good. ( I hope). The ice cream is still looking so good; well anyways, see you guys in a bit.

12:17 PM

Well anyways I’m back, just played some basketball outside during school and recieved an honor roll and perfect attendance (which only me and a 7th grader got). It was all worth it, staying in school even when I was very very sick, totally worth it. When I get home I’m gonna play some more Kingdom Hearts and eat of course, or else I would’ve been dead. (But you know, people could live for days without food).

May 29, 2015 7:28AM

Well that’s it for today’s post. see you guys later, peace!


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