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So I had fun playing Kingdom Hearts II; I still need to finish the game and I believe I’m 50 % or 75% done from beating it.

Since I didn’t explain Kingdom Hearts as clearly from my other post (“Mark Plays Old Games”), let me explain what King Hearts II is about again.

Kingdom Hearts, a Video Game that’s about Disney characters (also other characters), Heartless and Nobodies. Sora your main protagonist, wakes up from being forced into being a sleep for nearly a year. The reason Sora wakes up is because of Roxas, he finds a laboratory underneath a creepy building and Roxas just happens to find Sora and wake him up.

This is Sora:


and this is roxas (but in a Dark Hood) :


Roxas starts to remember who he really was and he also remembered that he was a member of organization XIII (13). (Organization 13 is pretty much the antagonists of the story and Roxas is also an antagonist). Later, Sora wakes up and he goes on a journey to Worlds and destroy all of the heartless and stop Orginization 13 from taking, Kingdom Hearts. (The Story is complicated I know, but that’s why you play the game).

To clear things up, if your new to Kingdom Hearts and you notice that Sora and Roxas looks alike, let me just say this; Roxas is a Nobody, When ever a heart becomes corrupt, it becomes a heartless, and when a heartless is born, a nobody is also born. Sora’s heart was actually released to help save his friend Kairi from death (in Kingdom Hearts I (One) ) and so, Roxas came into the world as a nobody and Roxas is the Nobody of Sora. (If you don’t understand, then too bad).

And this is the whole group of Orginization 13:


My gaming experience so far from playing Kingdom Hearts II were pretty great and the story wasn’t lacking in anything and the gameplay was still as great as the beginning of the game. So anyways, after playing this game for a while, I’d prefer to play as Roxas. Even though Roxas is one of the Main Antagonists in the game, his back story is more better and even more sadder than Sora. Oh yeah, one more thing on why Roxas is more better than Sora; Roxas wields Sora’s best friends’ Key Blades (The Oath Keeper and Oblivion), he dual wields Key Blades and lastly, Roxas litterly has a game created just for him (By the same company).


(By the way, for my classmates, you guys missed this video)


Well on another topic, I really wish I can play all of the Kingdom Hearts Games mainly because, there’s new characters like Ventus (Who looks like Roxas but he’s the good guy and the main protagonist), and Roxas is the main character in one of the games. (which I said before, and it talks about his back story and his friends Axel and Xion).

This is a picture of Roxas, Axel, and Xion:




Anything else before I go?

Well actually; in Kingdom Hearts they keep on showing the most symbolic thing in the game; Sea-Salt Ice cream and it just looks so good! It does’t help that they say “it’s salt, but sweet!” it makes me want to it eat so bad.


Well anyways, I found a way to make it I guess. (If it doesn’t taste good, don’t blame me) -Mark



Here’s some of my favorite Openings from Kingdom hearts.


Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Opening:


Kingdom Hearts II Opening:


If your in my class room, play from 0- 1:05 and then skip to 3:07

Kingdom Hearts 365/2 Days Opening:


Well anyways guys, see you guys later peace!


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