-An Otaku’s Life, Day 2, Over The Three Day Weekend and Tokyo Ghoul:RE Chapter 30- – (Real Life)- -Mark’s Blog-

(If you looking for the Tokyo Ghoul:RE Chapter 30, It’ll be down below)

I had a pretty good weekend; I attended a wedding (with dizziness), ate some beef jerky at the Beef Jerky Outlet the next day (Which, my uncle works there and they’re Beef Jerky was very flavorful) then I had to do some yard work after that. (But of course, I did play some Video Games).

May 26, 2015 7:48AM

Anyways Today! I got up from bed, tried to take a shower (But it was too cold) then I went upstairs, got dressed, and then went on my bus; just like any other day. Later, I remembered that Tokyo Ghoul:RE comes out every Monday and so, I went on my Iphone App and read Tokyo Ghoul:RE Chapter 30.

(A Little Talk About Tokyo Ghoul:RE Chapter 30, Mini Spoilers)

I’ll be doing a mini review later this day or the next day on Tokyo Ghoul:RE Chapter 30 but anyways, a little talk about Tokyo Ghoul:RE. Oh My jeez us, Haise man! He got wrecked and stabbed so many freaking times!!! Now to Juuzo (Surprise! It’s not a girl)! Juuzo and his group (With awesome Roman Numerals on their arms) take on Madam A (I think that’s what her name was) and just in an instant, she gets sliced up everywhere! (I wonder how Urie almost gets eaten by her and even punched nearly to death when he uses his Kagune. I mean, come on Urie). (Major Spoilers) KANEKI, Haise is using Kaneki’s body and I WANT KANEKI BACK! Turn back to Kaneki, Haise! (I wished Haise and Kaneki were two different characters because Haise was actually a pretty good person). So yeah, bring back Kaneki. (I hope).



Tokyo Ghoul-RE

2:16 PM

Well anyways, I got nothing else to talk about. So see you guys later, peace.


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