-Out Of Ideas And Anime Shows- -(Anime)- -Mark’s Blog-

I literally have no ideas for writing any sort of Anime posts and including that I’m all out of Shows to watch except for the main stream shows.

Things I’ll consider on doing,

An Otaku’s Life; I’ve done this before in the past couple of months or month (Which ever came first) and when I run out of ideas, this is probably my most ideal thing write about.

Anime Reviews, I’m kind of lazy when it comes to writing Anime Reviews on every episode and including that I don’t even have an Anime show to watch, I’ll probably try to find an Anime show by myself and watch the entire series. Then I’ll write what it’s about and, what my thoughts are about the show.

If Your New To Anime, Once again, I’ve also done this before and I’ve been thinking about doing these types of blog posts at least once in a while.

And that was all of my ideas. Since I don’t have that many ideas, I’ll either try to find some topics to talk about or if you guys want, please suggest me some ideas to write about.

Anything else before I go?

Nope, so peace.


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