-A Little Talk About My Life/Anime And Music- -(Anime/OffTopic Post)- -Mark’s Blog-

(My First Paragraph is little talk about what’ll be happening in my life. The second Paragraph will be about Anime and Music.)

In the mean time, I’m coming up with ideas and in maybe 4, 6, or 8 weeks (I need to go check later), it’ll be Summer Break. Next year is going to be fun (hopefully) because I’ll be a Freshman at Hamilton Highschool and hopefully I don’t get beat up on “Freshmen Kill Day”. (Which I heard stories from my Uncles lol). So anyways; hopefully I see people from elementary at my new Highschool (No Offense Middle School), and hopefully a little bit from my current school (Middle School). And if you wonder, “Why Elementary?”, because there were many great friends there and that’s where I found my first friend and best friend. (By the way, my first friend is my best friend. Hopefully he still remembers me. And if your reading this, yo). Enough about me and my sappy stories, let’s get into my other Paragraph.


Now then, Anime and Music. I just wanted to talk about Anime and how sometimes there music are just great. Some musics that Anime will play are endless like, symphony, Vocals, Rock, Jazz, Techno, Piano, Violin, ETC.
There are three different types of Anime Musics, they’re called Opening(an Intro Song), Ending (The Outro Song), and OST’s (Or Original Sound Track). I’ll talk about what’re about and I’ll display some songs that I like.


Opening Songs, You’ll mainly hear this right in the beginning of an Anime episode or when a scene comes to a climax or even at a random part of the episode. (In most cases of Anime, there is no resolution, just climax).

Now time for my Favorite Opening Songs:

Tokyo Ghoul Opening,Unravel ( Vocals, Rock) :

Hunter X Hunter (I still need to watch this, Sorry Bro) (Vocals)

One Piece (First Opening/English Voiced) (Vocals, instrumental)



Now, lets talk about Anime Endings. Anime endings usual occur when an episode comes to a climax or just simply, to an end.


So let me show some of my Favorite Ending Songs:


Akame Ga Kill Ending (1) (Vocals, Rock) :


Tokyo Ghoul Ending (1) (Vocals, Rock)  :


Sword Art Online Ending (1) (Vocals, Instrumental) :



So, what’re OST’s? They’re just Soundtracks; they’ll most likely play during the entire show to either emphasize the mood of the episode or it’s just placed there to make the episode sound good.


Lastly, I’ll show some of my Favorite OST’s (Original Sound Track/Sound Tracks) :


One Piece Ost’s (Symphony) :


Angel Beats (SSS Theme) (Symphony) :


Attack On Titan (Reluctant Heroes) (Vocals, Rock) Total Baddas Song:


Anything else before I go? 

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday (Monday) and one last thing; I had allot of fun finding these videos and hearing them. So hopefully you guys enjoy my suggested Songs and Alexander Highschool, here I come!


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