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I started to look through my old ps2 games and now I think to my self, “WOW, these games are probably considered as legendary games and even one of the best games as well!” I encountered a few games that I really knew nothing about; Kingdom Hearts 2 and Tenchu Wrath Of Heaven (Tenchu 3).

Kingdom_Hearts_2 images-2

Like I said before, I knew absolutely nothing about the story of either of these games but I remembered a lot of great memories from playing these two games. (And if you’re wondering if I’m going to sell them or give them away; no, these games are just too precious). So, I already got started playing Kingdom Hearts and even Tenchu (Kingdom Hearts yesterday and Tenchu Wrath Of Heaven, two months ago). When I got on Kingdom Hearts and when I heard the intro song, I just felt so nostalgic and when I started to play the game, I understood a little bit about the game’s plot and I understood all of the words that they were saying. (I played this game when I was like 4 or 6 and I didn’t understand how to read so I got frustrated allot whenever I played Kingdom Hearts).


Kingdom Hearts Intro, Dearly Beloved: 


So, let me just talk about what Kingdom Hearts II is. Kingdom Hearts II is about a regular kid named Roxas, who lives in a place called “Twilight Town”. Roxas starts to have dreams about a person named Sora and how Sora’s life was messed up. Roxas later encounters monsters, along with him obtaining a keyblade sword just like in his dreams about Sora having a Keyblade to destroy monsters as well. (The story is very complicated and I just started playing Kingdom Hearts II again so I can’t really talk anymore than that)


(I won’t talk about Tenchu).

What I liked about Kingdom Hearts II, the graphics may be little bit old but when it comes to voice acting, it wasn’t half bad. The gameplay was totally enjoyable and the story was mid-saddening and full of Action with nonstop fights. Hopefully Kingdom Hearts II continues to be this awesome and when I beat the game, I’ll truly understand most of the story of Kingdom Hearts.

Anything else before I go?

By the way, I’m not playing Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD version, I’m actually talking about the original Kingdom Hearts 2 on the older version of Ps2.

So anyways, see you guys later, peace!


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