-Last Day, Day 30, My Last Anime Wallpaper- -(30 Day Anime Challenge)- -Mark’s Blog-

Well then, I guess this is my last day for the 30 Day Anime Challenge; let’s get into it.


What was my last anime wallpaper?

Well do you know that very depressing Anime Movie, 5 wallpapers per second? Well I have a wallpaper for it. (The Anime is actually called 5 Centimeters Per Second and, it’s actually a great Movie).




If you actually watched the movie, it’s a picture of adult Takaki Tōno passing by the train. (and if your feeling sad about this scene; good).



Why did I choose this photo as my wallpaper?

Well, I kind of explained this earlier before, “5 wallpapers per second” and every scene is awesome. (I should really change my wallpaper). The movie graphics were just amazing and every single scene will never lack in art. (If you were wondering where I put this wallpaper on, it’s currently on my computer screen at home).

If you don’t know 5 centimeters per second is:

Okay, this is very complicated to explain with out giving out spoilers but; a story about Takaki Tōno who were great friends with a girl named Shirohara Akari. After Takaki was told from Akari her self that she was leaving; Takaki starts to become saddening. After a while, Takaki has been sending mail letters to Akari so they can keep in touch until one day, they both agreed to meet each other, after a long time.

And that was only the first chapter of the movie (There are 3 chapters). All I can say is, the second chapter probably has the most boringest scenes in the movie and, the third chapter is probably the most saddest part of the movie and also probably the most what the flipping heck part of the movie. (On the third chapter of the movie, I literally spent 30 minutes to watch the entire movie with my face all surprised and thinking, “No, that’s unfair” and, “What! Why!” all the way through that chapter). So anyways, I guess that was it.

Anything else before I go?

If you want to watch the full movie, here (I do not own “5 Centimeters per second” or the “English Dubbed 5 Centimeters Per Second Movie”) :


English Subtitles (The Subtitles are on the bottom of the screen if your new to Anime, english subs)



English Dubbed (This is the English Version; if you don’t like reading subtitles, here it is)



Anyways guys, see you guys later, peace.


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