-Day 24, My Favorite Opening/Intro Song- -(30 Day Anime Challenge)- – Mark’s Blog-

This post kind of hurts me allot mainly because, I posted this video like 10-20 times and if your new to my blog; continue on reading.

(I updated this blog post due to grammar -Mark)



My favorite Opening/Intro Song:

Tokyo Ghoul Unravel… Surprised? I don’t think so. (If I rewatched every Anime show that I’ve ever watched in my life, I bet I would find a better Anime Opening song. Also, you could blame me for being so bias).

Tokyo Ghoul Icon

So, why do I like Tokyo Ghoul’s Opening song, “Unravel”?

Well, if you guys actually watched the Anime, you would hear this song in both episodes 12 of Tokyo Ghoul (Season 1) and Tokyo Ghoul Root A episode 12 (Season 2). I liked how they placed Unravel in both of the episodes, mainly because they set the mood and you would already know that, it’s the ending of the season or a show. (Because Anime sometimes displays their opening or ending song during the last episode). So back on topic; I really like Tokyo Ghoul’s opening song mainly because it matches the Anime in a way. ( By the way the lyrics for Tokyo Ghoul Unravel are freaking awesome). How is it related to Tokyo Ghoul? Well mainly because the lyrics are kind of sad and the Anime itself is quite messed up and even sad its self, and that’s why it relates to the show. (Also some words in my opinion relate to the show).  Anyways, Tokyo Ghoul Unravel is just a great song (In my Opinion) and yeah, that’s it.

Tokyo Ghoul Unravel:


A mainstream Anime Opening that I currently like:

If you’ve ever watched Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blades Work (Season 2 not Season 1) then here’s the song:



Anything else before I go?

Well, if you haven’t watched Tokyo Ghoul, go watch it. (Because I wrote what Tokyo Ghoul was at least 5-10 times) -Mark
Basically what Tokyo Ghoul is

(Tokyo Ghoul is about Ghouls in Tokyo and a guy named Kaneki Ken is the Main Character/the Protagonist of the Anime and Manga and later encounters a ghoul life)

See you guys later, peace.


(when I was playing minecraft, “Kaneki Ken needs love too” -Random Stranger) HA XD.


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