-Gaussian Blur, Chapter 1 Short Review/Reaction And Thoughts- -(Manga)- -Mark’s Blog-

Guassian Blur

Before I even start, let me just say that, I’m really glad I’m rereading Gaussian Blur and hopefully you guys read it as well. -Mark

(Chapter 1 Review, and there will be spoilers)

Hwang Dong-Sook the main character of this story, is a highschool student who currently in that chapter, is looking at a grades list in his school. After seeing that he’s in 1st place, people start to say how a girl named Choi Yool is last on the list and they even wonder why she’s in school in the first place. Later, Hwang was told to meet someone on top of the Rooftop. Later after Hwang went up the stairs, he notices Choi Yool standing there and then he went up the stairs. Now, Hwang was kicked in the stomach and the bully later on talks about how he went, 5 places down on the grade list. Much later, Hwang now appears on the street, walking and then notices Choi Yool. After going past her, Hwang says, “you crazy B*tch what about last place is so good that you walk around smiling?”

My Reaction and Thoughts about Gaussian Blur:

My goodness, you got some bad mouthing there Hwang Dong-Sook. (Just Kidding.) This was kind of a short chapter but who cares, they’re showing the only main characters.(Because it’s mainly shows those two characters in the entire Manga series). I wasn’t that surprised when I read Gaussian Blur, mainly because; I already read it but, I still had some good feelings and neutral feelings toward reading Gaussian Blur.

Now then, my thoughts about Gaussian Blur; I like Gaussian Blur, it’s story is wonderful yet short. I really think Gaussian Blur should have an Anime Adaption in the future and they should continue on with the Manga. I kind of wish that Gaussian Blur would have some sort of “Fan Base” or wiki for it mainly because, there’s nothing on the internet about Gaussian Blur besides random pictures or even Manga websites and I really think this would make Gaussian Blur more known. And I guess that’s it.

Anything else before I go? 

Do you guys think, I should continue on doing Manga posts/Gaussian Blur Posts? I’ll probably do a few more blog posts about Manga, I don’t know when but, if I ever feel like writing a Manga post then, I’ll definitely write one, peace!


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