-Planning For The Future- -(Update)- -Mark’s Blog-

What does this mean? As for me in life, I’m going to busy, which means; will I stop blogging? I’m going to Alexander Hamilton High School and who knows if I’ll have time to post anymore. I really want to continue on blog posting because, it’s something I really like but, I have important things to do like, keep up with my education.

How I can continue on with my blog:

This is a possibility but, if by chance I’m not busy with my schoolwork or even with life, I will continue to do blog posts. I’ll be taking medium-hard school courses, and my chances are low when it comes to writing blog posts.

If by chance I do stop blogging temporarily, will I come back?

well, ah; depending if I have the time anymore or even if I enjoy posting anymore then, I’ll decide if I’ll come back.

If I’m gone next year.

Well, I bet you’ll miss me but; I really hope you welcome a new blogger that I know, my little sister.

More information about my sister,

Next year my sister will be an 8th grader and she’ll be writing blog posts, Korean Drama Blog posts or possibly other blog posts. Her name is Emily and I hope you guys follow her blog next year. She actually has a blog right now but I doubt that she’ll write anything this year.

(My Sister’s website)


Anything else before I go?

Guys, I’m not leaving yet, I still have 1 month left and hopefully a whole summer to write about Anime or even Manga. (Probably not that much in the summer, mainly because my family wants to go do things like, go out of the country, help out relatives, go to the beach, go to the park, barbecue, and etc. And I just want to watch Anime, play games, and etc. That’s just what I do and that used to be blog name, “Mark’sBlogAnime/Videogames/ETC”.) Anyways guys, see you guys later, PEACE!

-Mark T. Yang JR


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