-If Your New To Anime, “Anime’s To Start Off Watching”- -(Anime)- -Mark’s Blog-

As an Anime Watcher, there are some shows that I think people should watch first before they watch any other Anime series.

First off, let me just say; welcome, if you’re a new Anime watcher or a new to person to my blog, and if you’re already an Anime Fan like I am, tell me if you agree or disagree about this post.

1st Paragraph, Fighting.

2nd Paragraph, Slice Of Life.

3rd Paragraph, Adventure.


Soul Eater (Fighting, Supernatural) :

If you’re a fan of watching fighting and interested in a somewhat story/plot, then this is the show for you. So what’s soul eater? Soul eater is about a world where there are monsters or Keishins, who eat people’s souls and also people who kill Keishins called the Death Academy. There are many characters throughout show that you’ll encounter like, Death The Kid, Liz and Patty, Black Star and Tsubaki, and the most viewed characters; Maka and Soul.

This is for a Teenage and up type of audience, not because of the fighting but mainly because of the partial nudity. (And I’m not talking about men). Overall I really like this show mainly because of the plot that it has; Meisters VS Keishins or whatever the heck that they encounter and the story was overall good.

Soul Eater


Barakamon, (Slice Of Life, Comedy) :

A show about your main character Seishu Handa who works in calligraphy (A person who makes decorative writing), who gets put onto a small island for punching one of the judges for calling his art, “Mediocre”. Later on in the show, Seishu rent’s a house and he later encounters a little girl named Naru. Since Seishu doesn’t know that much about the island nor does he know anyone there, Naru shows Seishu some parts of the island. Sesishu also finds friends throughout his way on the island and finds inspirational words for his calligraphy.





Magic Kaito 1412, (Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Shounen:

Kaito Kuroba, a Highschool kid who’s interested in doing magic tricks because his dad was famous for being a magician, later finds out that his dad was Kaitou, the Phantom Theif. Kaitou has been known for stealing jewels and gems by doing magic tricks or even illusions. Kaito later finds out that his dad or Kaitou the Phantom Thief stole gems in search of the Pandora Gem; the Gem that grants immortality. Later on, Kaito becomes the infamous Phantom Thief, Kaitou kid/Kiddo.

My thoughts, this show has that awesome factor to it! It will always surprise you and in some ways, you learn the magician’s rules and tricks used in magic tricks.

“Just like playing poker, no matter if its good or bad, you must use your Poker Face. It’s the same with magic”

“Never show the same trick twice to an audience, they’ll lose excitement and they’ll be suspicious and attempt to find out your trick”.

I really liked Magic Kaito 1412 either because, Kaito’s magic tricks would look very awesome or, some scenes would become extremely sad. So anyways, here’s some videos.

(Remember, there are subtitles in the video if you don’t understand what their saying and it should appear at the bottom of your screen).

Magic Trick Scene, 


Sad Scene:


Magic kaito 1412


Anything else before I go?

I really want to continue on with this series and I hope I become a blogger that does actual Anime reviews. I really wish people watched Anime, just to get the understanding of watching them or why I watch them, and that’s the reason I’m making this post. Anime is probably 25% of my life and the other 75% is probably other stuff, so hopefully you guys agreed, disagreed, or even liked this blog post. -Mark

And I didn’t forget to say my word before I leave; peace!






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