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I’m going to talk about the Supernatural Genre and if your new to any Anime or the Supernatural Genre, I’m going to be talking about them.

What’s Supernatural?

Supernatural is mainly, something that’ll never happen in real life for example, super powers or monsters. Supernatural isn’t all that bad and most of the shows that I watch are actually Supernatural. (And no, I don’t just watch Romance or Slice of Life all the time). Some great shows that are Supernatural are, Black Butler, Black bullet, Ao No Exorcist/ Blue Exorcist, Naruto, and one of my favorites, Tokyo Ghoul.

What I like about the Supernatural Genre:

Some supernatural shows always have that one bad das characters and sometimes that’s what makes the story interesting.( instead of swearing I’m going with the word das). Some supernatural shows are different like sometimes, they’ll have different types of powers and they actually explain how they gain them. (Most of the time).


Some shows I suggest that are Supernatural:


Black Butler, if you’re a fangirl and you just like watching guys you might want to watch this but if you’re a guy, enjoy all of the fight scenes (Well a few scenes) and enjoy the show. So you have your main protagonist Ciel who in the beginning of the show, is in need of a demon to save him because he’s about to be killed by an evil group and his mom and dad has already been killed. After Summoning a Demon, Ciel was saved and he sold his soul to the Demon. In return for Ciel’s soul, the Demon has to be Ciel’s protective Butler and be named Sebatian until the day Ciel dies.

.Black Butler


Black Bullet, Now then, a show about a guy named Rentaro, who lives in a world where there are monsters and if your by chance to be bitten by them, you’ll turn into a monster your self. After encountering a deadly person who threatened to destroy all of the humans, Rentaro fights with his partner through all of the monsters and the possible destroyer of the human race.

Black Bullet

Ao No Exorcist,A show about your main character Rin Okumura, who lives an ordinary life until one day, he gets into a fight and he starts to have blue flames all over his body. After finding out that he’s a demon from his dad (not his real dad), his life starts to change.

blue exorcist

Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki Ken the main character of the show who also lived an ordinary life who in the beginning of the show starts talking to his best friend Hide/Hideyoshi. After Hide was talking about how lame a bookstore date would be if Kaneki have ever took a girl to, Kaneki encounters a girl who was interested in books and later in the first episode Kaneki get’s eaten and fatally wounded. After going to the hospital to get a transplant, he later turns out to be a ghoul and later finds out that there are actually ghouls in his city, Tokyo. (By the way, this show is actually pretty good after episodes 6 and season 2 is pretty awesome. (And most likely, there’ll be a third season for Tokyo Ghoul called; Tokyo Ghoul :RE).

Tokyo Ghoul


I won’t do Naruto mainly because, I forgot all about what Naruto was about and I suggest you to watch Naruto.


Anything else before I go? 

Not really, so see you guys later peace!



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