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So guys, I’m continuing on with this series and if your new to Anime; I’m going to be talking about Slice Of Life.

What is Slice Of Life?

First off, Slice Of Life is a Genre and Slice Of Life is mainly about having a realistic story or a more realistic perspective show. Slice Of Life isn’t about giant robots or about super powers but like I said before, it mainly roves around a more realistic atmosphere. (“But what do I like about it?”)

What I like About Slice Of Life:

Personally, I like to watch Slice Of Life Anime shows mainly because of their story. Slice Of Life has always been one of my favorite genres and it’s probably my 3rd or 4th favorite type of Genre to watch. Probably about 99.99% of Slice Of Life Shows that I’ve watched, have usually turn out to be good shows, (The .01% was some other show that I really didn’t like and I forgot what the name was). Most Slice Of Life Shows are Romance or comedies; most of the time it’s both. I probably know one show that’s Slice of Life and Non Romance and it even has a great story. But anyways, Slice of Life; there’s two things you need to learn,  Shounen and Shoujo (these two are also Genres). Let me just say Shounen is meant to be for a Male Audiance and Shoujo is for a Female audience; but both Genres are unique in their own ways. Shounen and Shoujo are kind of the same and I guess you can say they’re also different.

Slice Of Life shows I suggest: 

Non-Romance Slice Of Life Shows,

Isshuukan Friends/ One Week Friends, This show is mainly about a highschool male who asks a girl to be his friend because he felt bad for her for not having any friends. Then 10 minutes later he finds out she forgets her memories every Monday. So he asks her every week to be his friend.

Slice Of Life


Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou, If you watch this show, watch it on your own time. ( Some scenes have Sexual References, which are funny but yet again, it has Sexual references). Anyway, this show is actually funny and it’s about a highschool male wanting to find a peaceful place for his years in highschool and to even find a nice girl too. After finding the place where he’ll be staying for his years (The Kawai Complex), he becomes mad due to his roommate being a weirdo. After he was about to leave the Complex he notices a girl where he seen before in the beginning of show.

Slice Of Life, Comedy.


Barakamon, this is a show about a calligrapher ( Someone who expresses their feelings or just a person who likes to write words, in this case, Kanji) and he’s sent to an island for punching one of the judges for saying his work was bad (or something like that). Since he’s on that island, he try’s to find inspiration for his calligraphy work. (Then he meets a child that introduces him to her friends which are either adults or even other children on that small island).

Slice Of Life, Comedy.




Romance Slice Of Life Shows,


Toradora,  One of my most Favorite Slice Of Life Shows and I bet this’ll make you laugh throughout the entire show. There really isn’t any romance until you get into the last episodes but anyways yeah, still a very good show. Also, you might encounter a Tsundere. Don’t know what it means? Look it up. (I swear it’s nothing bad.)

Genre: Slice Of Life, Romance, Comedy. ( I recommend watching this show)


My Little Monster, Also another great show but this time; it’s a Shoujo. “Did I see anything different from a Shounen Slice Of Life Show and this show”, I guess you can say this show wouldn’t ruin the moments for you than watching A Shounen show and, the only thing that looked quite girly was the Opening/Intro song. Overall, I really think this show is actually for both genders of Male and Female. (Mainly because it’s not about Hot guys dating a regular girl type of thing and then blah blah blah). I recommend watching this show and, if you ever watched Soul Eater, you might say the main character in My Little Monster looks like Maka.

My little monster

Slice Of Life, Romance, Comedy. (I recommend watching this show)


Anything else before I go?

Nope, see you guys later peace!


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