-Tonari No Kaibusut/ My Little Monster- -(Anime)- -Mark’s Blog-

Finally at last; I found another great Slice Of Life Anime! I currently watched the first episode of this show and so far, it’s not that bad.

My thoughts about, My Little Monster:

First off, let me just say one thing, this show is freaking hilarious!

I think I like you… In a sexual way! -Haru Yoshida (Probably one of my most favorite Anime quotes now LOL).

I kind of liked how they made the show a comedy that also haves a bit of seriousness to it. Meanwhile, some Anime shows kind of ruin the mood of the show. For example, when a character talks all serious and looks quite serious as well like you think he or she means business; they just screw up the scene trying to make it look or sound funny which makes me feel turned off from ever watching the show.

I also noticed something too; this is a Shoujo Genre show and I got to admit to one thing; Shoujo Genres know how to make a better Romance Anime than Shounen Anime. (Shoujo meaning, for a female audience. Shounen meaning, for a male audience). I really don’t care watching either Shounen and Shoujo because they’re mainly for everyone and, I like watching Shoujo Genres here and there.

My thoughts about this show:

Like I said before this show was funny. Half of the time from watching My Little Monster I started to burst out in laughter.(Which reminds me allot about Toradora but both Animes have their own feel to them).

What’s My Little Monster?

A show about your Main Protaganist Shizuku Mizutani who only wants to work hard in her school work, so she can be the highest in her grade to later find her new friend Haru Yoshida. Haru on the other hand, doesn’t care about school work and rarely comes to school. 

(Sorry I couldn’t give anymore information because it’ll spoil the first episode).

Anything else before I go?

Yeah, here’s the Anime Opening and Ending:

My Little Monster Opening:


My Little Monster Ending:

(Sorry couldn’t find one)


Anyways, I really think this is going to be a romance comedy Anime and I’m going to be looking forward to this show. So anyways, see you guys later peace!


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