-Thoughts About Doing Manga Posts- -(Manga)- -Mark’s Blog-

What makes me bring up this topic?

I want to reread Gaussian Blur. “Why Gaussian Blur?” Because I really like Gaussian Blur and I really think it’s one of the least and lesser known Manga Series. I really think it should get a little more praise and I really hope they get an Anime adaption. (And hopefully they make more chapters for Gaussian Blur. Unless the Creator of Gaussian Blur wanted to end it right there, then I guess it’ll be alright). But this probably would not be an all time thing or a daily thing that I’ll be doing. So, “When will I start to do Manga Blog Posts?” Well I really don’t know; probably when I start to reread Gausian Blur or any other Manga’s. (I might do Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:RE Reviews, if I have the time to do it).

Anything else before I go?

Nope. So see you guys later, peace!


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