-Day 26, If I Listen To Any Anime Music- -(30 Day Anime Challenge)- -Mark’s Blog-

This is a silly question.

Do I listen to Anime Music? (Which is Obvious) :

No I don’t listen to Anime Music and I never had in my life.

(Just kidding Just Kidding), The answer is yes, I do listen to Anime Music and I usually watch an Anime Opening almost every day. If you’re an Anime fan you’ll at least have one favorite Anime Opening or Ending song. Sometimes, you have a favorite Soundtrack too 😀 .

Let’s talk about Anime Music:

First off, lets talk about Anime Opening/Intro songs. There are songs that make sense and songs that don’t. Some songs that make sense for example SAO 2 (Gun Gale Online) Opening song. A song about fear and how you should get past it. Death Note Second Opening Song, I can’t remember what the lyrics were but the openings art was just plain out weird. ( I liked the first Opening Song though; it was very symbolic. The Apple, red and blue colors between “L” and Light Yagami and I think those were the only two things symbolic in the intro).

Sword Art Online Season 2 Opening 1:


DeathNote Opening 2:


And Just because I love the Tokyo Ghoul Anime Opening:



Ending songs (Same thing applies to the Opening songs except it’s an outro).

Sorry if that wasn’t a good ending song but enjoy I guess.


Okay, let’s talk about Anime OST’s Or Original Sound Tracks. I love Anime Sound Tracks, there just awesome. They could be either Instrumental, Guitar, Choir, etc. I usually tend to like the Sound Tracks mainly because, they set in the mood of the show. Some examples like, a creepy background song playing when something’s bad going to happen or if a good thing happens there’ll be a relaxing sound. Some background songs would have singing in it but most background songs would mainly be music instead of vocals.

Some example of Vocal OST (Bewarn, there is only one cuss word in this video) :


An example of an instrumental OST:

 Do I have a favorite Anime opening:

I guess Tokyo Ghoul Opening 1 is my favorite.

Anything else before I go?

Nope, see you guys later, peace!



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