-One Piece, Two Years Later Arc- -(Spoilers/Anime)- -Mark’s Blog-

I got to say, this is my most favorite Arc in One Piece as of right now.

(Bewarn, there will be spoilers in this post. You have been warned.) -Mark

Two Years Later Arc:

Luffy, boy luffy; after 2 years you’ve become 10 times more awesome than your Enies Lobby Arc or your Save Ace Arc. I was surprised to see Chopper and Ussop to get stronger mainly because, they were kind of weak. Ussop is still a coward after two years but man, he’s less of a coward and even a lot stronger than before. (He even looks allot cooler now). Chopper has a new move which he used in the Fishman Island Arc, “Karate Point” or something like that but let’s get into the arc.

Luffy has trained on an island that changes season every week. Before he came on the island from where he trains for two years, Luffy informs his crewmates to not go to Sabaody Island in three days but instead, in two years. ( On Luffy’s arm it said 3d 2Y, which he meant, not in two days but in two years). After training for two years, Luffy has an X scar on his chest, from top to bottom (Because of Aikanu punching luffy in the chest when Jinbei tried to escape while carrying Luffy). Now, Luffy is on his way to find his crewmates after these two years and now he arrives at Sabaody Island and so does his crewmates. (They say Nakama in the Anime but in translation it means Friends or comrades). As Luffy encounters a fake Luffy he uses his Haki to make him fall and become unconscious. Later, as Luffy encounters the other fake Strawhat Crewmates a Robot Kuma appears and it starts to shoot lightning beams at luffy and he dodges the beams like it was nothing. Then Luffy uses his Haki to destroy the Robot Kuma.

After defeating the Robot Kuma, Luffy’s Crewmates have finally found him. When Luffy was on the point of leaving Sabaody Island; Luffy thanked Rayleigh for training him. (Then Rayleigh has a Flashback about Gold Roger).


After that, Luffy and his crew set sail to Fishman Island!

What I like about this Arc:

Well for one thing, Luffy and his crew look allot older and they’re even allot stronger than 2 years before. (Including that they learned new techniques). But meeting up in two years sounded allot more better than going to Sabaody in 3 days. Something I really liked about the 2 years later Arc was mainly the fact that, they meet up again. What is Luffy without his crewmates right? I’m just glad they came back together.

Some Questions about One Piece:

In the Fishman arc, who is “JoyBoy” and who’s going to be 10th member of the StrawHat crew? I came across these questions off of a website but now that I think of those two questions, it really makes me think for a second. (I really hope Sabo is alive, and if he is alive; don’t spoil it for me and tell me if he is alive or dead).

Anything else before I go?

No. So see you guys later, peace!


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