-Day 25, If Any Of My Friends Or Family Watches Anime- -(30 Day Anime Challenge)- -Mark’s Blog-

Well then hmm.


I only know a few friends and only one person in my family who watches Anime so lets get into the post. Most of my friends know this show and mostly this one show only; Soul Eater. Of course there are other friends too who watch different Anime shows like, Full Metal Alchemist, Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate, Soul Eater, Hetalia (Which I should probably watch because I heard it’s funny), Angel Beats (Which I found sad to watch even though I finished it in two days), History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi, One Piece and Attack On Titan. (Which people say,”have you played the game Attack On Titan?”Which I say to my self, do they know that Attack On Titan is an Anime? And yes I do know that there is games for Attack On Titan but I’m just saying the show Attack On Titan is a Anime Show.) Now then, who in my family watches Anime; well absolutely no one but the one person who did introduced me to Anime but yet he says he likes Korean Drama better, is my Older Brother! ! ! Of course he only watches a few shows like Bleach (Then it ended) Naruto, attack on titan and SAO/Sword Art Online. (Then I introduced some shows to him like Tokyo Ghoul then he introduced some shows to me like Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blades Work and Attack On Titan).

Have they introduced me to any other Anime shows?

Um a few really; they showed me Angel Beats and History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi and that was mainly it. But thanks to them for showing me some great shows. (By the way they’re all my classmates and were all doing blog posts about different things so you should go check them out. It’ll be all the way down on my blog post if you want to check their blog posts).

Anything else before I go?


Yep, here’s their websites like I promised,

Their Websites:

Room 205:




Room 207:


Thanks you guys for being Anime Watchers. -Mark

Also, if you want to support or read any of my other classmates there’ll be list on where you can check them out:

Mr. Skonecki’s Class Blogs

Anyways guys, see you guys later, peace!


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