-Should I Watch Corpse Party?- -(Anime)- -Mark’s Blog-

(The stuff that I may show will contain Blood, Guts and Gore. If you can’t handle it, then don’t read it -Mark).

Before I talk about if I should watch it let me just say one thing! Corpse Party is Gory and Messed up and who ever created Corpse Party, Good for you!

So I just encountered this show from the game adaption, “Corpse Party”. Because apparently Corpse Party is a game and an Anime. I’ve seen the first episode and all I can say is, I felt scared and terrified and sometimes I felt like I gotta go throw up after watching it. This is me saying that, I don’t watch that many scary movies or scary Animes but, most of the scary movies I’ve ever watched since this year and last year; they just don’t compare with the show Corpse Party. ( Yeah, it’s that scary!)

Why I’m asking you guys if I should watch it?

This show is creepy and I want to know how creepy it is. I purely want to watch this show for the story but yet, it’s freaking gory and stuff. If you watched Corpse Party, please don’t spoil it for me but please tell me how this show is.

What’s Corpse Party?

A story about a group of Japanese students who get stuck in a random place that was said to have ghost elementary kids and adults killed in that school, as they all been tormented then killed when they were alive.

It all started with these group of Teenage Japanese Students who stayed at their school and they decided to do a ritual and the instructions were this, “we all say Sachiko once then, we pull on this piece of paper. After we all have a piece, we keep it so we can have good fortune.” But if you say Sachiko twice you’ll anger her and if you accidentally let go of the piece of paper when you said Sachiko you’ll also anger her.


Once they pulled on the Sachiko Paper, the school building that they were in, started to shake and they fell into the deep dark void, awaiting for their death, torture, or good fortune, but you have to find Sachiko, the scariest ghost of them all.


The information on how to perform the Sachiko Paper. Also if you go to the website and scroll down where it says “prev” it says your already dead or something like that. 2 spooky 4 me. (I’m not responsible for any deaths if this thing actually works, you’ve been warned.) -Mark


And this is the intro song, I think you guys should watch it to get a feeling on what it’s like:

Anything else before I go?

Well, all I can say is, this show is scary that will show no restraints with organs, blood or jumpscares! I’m out, peace!


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