-Day 21, If I could Have Any Anime Character’s Hair Style, Who Would It Be?- – (30 Day Anime Challenge)- – Mark’s Blog-

This one is really easy and if your new to my blog just wait and see.

Who I would choose?

I choose Kaneki ( The black haired version). But why would I choose the Black Hair Kaneki instead of the white haired Kaneki? Well Kaneki would look allot awesomer in his suit with black hair instead of white. The reason I say this is because, in the first Anime Opening song “Unravel” you could see the black haired Kaneki in some sort of cool suit and another Kaneki in his blue hoodie.

This is the scene:

I mean, I already have black hair but, his hairstyle is what I would want.

What’s Tokyo Ghoul?

A show that roves around Tokyo and in it there are ghouls. You have your Main Character Kaneki, who gets bitten on the arm and even gets stabbed through the stomach to later find out that he has gotten a transplant and becomes a half ghoul half human hybrid. (He has one eye red and one normal eye).

Anything else Before I go?

Oshieta-Yo Oshieta-Yo/Oshiete oshiete boku no naka ni dare ga iru no? Don’t get the reference? Oh well, heres the video!

AND I HAVE ONE MORE THING! If your an Anime and Manga Reader of Tokyo Ghoul look at this! Notice how Kaneki has white hair on the top but, if you look on the bottom you can see Kaneki with black hair!



And then finally, in the Anime, it took me one entire year to just notice that Kaneki’s hair turns black again! The symbolism guys! -Who cares  about that, lets just go home already. -Hideyoshi :

Well I guess thats enough, see you guys later peace!


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