-Day 20, Sub Or Dub?- -(30 day Anime Challenge)- -Mark’s Blog-

This one is quite simple and I would say, Sub.

(Day 19 and 17 will be finished later).

(The Difference from Sub and Dub. Subbed, there are subtitles and they talk in japanese. English Dubbed, english voice actors).


Why I like Sub? 

I like to listen to Japanese Voice actors, mainly because they show allot more emotion than English voice actors. Sometimes, English dubbed voices can sound annoying (in my opinion) or that, they don’t even try; at all. (I’m not saying I don’t like English dub but, I just think Sub is better.) Most of the time, English Subbed sticks to the Manga when it comes to them talking. Examples of English Dubbed being different; English Dubbed can sometimes try to be like, an American thing instead of an Japanese things. ( I don’t blame English Dubbed because, I would assume it would be for an english Audience but I like Animes that stick to the Manga; especially English Subbed and English Dubbed.)

If your confused on what Manga is, let me put it in easy terms. It’s Japanese Comics.

Another thing that some Animes do for English Dubbed are, adding different animation or, different Opening/Ending Songs. For example, One piece’s Opening song “We Are” English Subbed and English Dubbed (Or the Funimation Dub). (Personally I like to listen to the English Version of “We Are”.)


Some Anime Suggestions for English Dubbed Watchers

Well lets see here, whats in my list for English Dubbed:

Death Note

Blue Exorcist/Ao No Exorcist

Soul Eater (This is one of my most personal favorite for English Dubbed.)

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi (Another Personal Favorite)

Attack On Titan (Great Animation)

One Piece 

Sword Art Online (Another Personal Favorite)

To be honest, if your new to Anime; Watch all of these.

Anything else I like say?

No, so see you guys later, peace!



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