-One Piece, Fire Fist Ace Execution Arc/ 10 Years Before, My Thoughts About It- – (Anime/Review)- -Mark’s Blog-

(Bewarn for spoilers. I’ve warned you). -Mark

So anyways, I was watching one piece for three days in a row and now I’m at episode 506. (I was watching at episode 450 all the way to episode 500). I feel like I should talk about these Two Arcs that are in the title above mainly for two reasons, they’re awesome! So, lets talk about these two arcs!


Ace Arc:

To be honest, this was one heck of an arc. When Ace was freed from his chains and then allot O FREAKING THINGS JUST BROKE OUT. Luffy and Ace, they should’ve been in a pirate crew together cause they’re so freaking strong. Overall, this arc made me feel sad for Ace mainly due to the fact that, he died in the end and Luffy freed him.

“I won’t die. I Promise!” -Ace

Then Shanks and his crew came out of no where and I was like, H3ll’s going to be happening in Navy HQ today. Then Coby was like, “Stop! We don’t need to take anymore lifes!” Or something like that. No wait, Coby said that first then Shanks just came out of no where; LIKE A FREAKING BOSS.

Let’s talk about Luffy! Luffy was saved from Trafagler Law and I was like, “WHAT! IS THAT TRAFAGLER LAW!” Then Trafagler Law was like, “Don’t worry, I’m a doctor.” Then back to me saying, “AND HE’S A DOCTOR, DAA-NG! (Trafagler Law’s Logo/Pirate Flag is freaking awesome! I’d be in his Crew lol)! Luffy man, he’s always half dead; then someone has to save him. In this case, it was Jinbe. Then Luffy goes back to “The Island of Women” and I was like, bruuuh. Now I have to close one piece when ever someone passes near me. Then Luffy wakes up and goes crazy and Jinbe again has to go save Luffy.

Black Beard though, he’s now my most hated Anime Character. He stole White Beards Power. I want to see Black Beard get his face smashed to the ground just like White Beard did to him.


Luffy, Sabo and Ace Arc:

Well, I thought this was quite interesting. There was another brother; Sabo. When I finished watching this arc, I finally knew how Luffy and Ace became brothers and, how Luffy or Ace went out to sea and ETC. When I saw Ace and Luffy going out to adventures and stuff, I thought okay, interesting. Then Luffy met Sabo. Okay, when they all left their homes and created a ship tree house I was like, I would never of had thought of that; that’s awesome! The burning of (I can’t remember but it was a trash land). It was kind of boring at that point but later on in the arc. Sabo get’s his boat shot and I was freaking shocked! (I wonder if Luffy hates Celestial Dragons because of that incident). I wonder if Sabo is alive and if he is still alive today, I’m going to be freaking happy. Okay Okay, Ace turned 17 and he sailed out to sea. Then Luffy turned 17 and he also sailed out to sea! ( I want to know how Ace got his beads or his happy/sad face hat. I thought that Mountain Bandit lady died or something and gave Ace the Bead necklace but I guess she’s still alive. I also want to know how Ace got his Powers and how he got the name, “Fire Fist Ace”).

“Gomu Gomu No, JET PISTOL!” – Luffy

ACE pushing Luffy though! So sad bruh!


Anything else I’d like to say?

I just noticed there’s 600 episodes in total and I’m episode 500. I can’t wait for the, “2 Years Later Arc”. I heard it’s bad Asce. Well anyways, see you guys later, Peace!


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