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So, I’m probably going to be doing this now. ( I’m going to introduce Anime to new Anime Watchers).


So what is One Piece and why you should watch it?

One Piece takes place in an era of Pirates. You have your Main character Luffy and he’s off on a journey to find the “pirate kings” treasure “One Piece”. Luffy sails on his ship to later find his own pirate crew and then to wreck havoc on anyone that gets in his way, especially the Navy or other pirates.

Why you should watch it; well personally, I feel like this show is mainly for a teenager audience and I feel like this show gets better as you progress on watching it. There is 600 episodes in total and they’re still showing One Piece, even today.

If you can’t handle watching blood and hearing profanity, theirs a One Piece Version for it, it’s called 4Kids. and if don’t mind watching profanity and blood, then watch the Japanese Version or the English Version of One Piece. (I swear, if your like 10 or 14 you won’t like the 4kids Version because obviously, it’s “For Kids”.)

My Opinion for One Piece:

Like I said before, this show really gets better and allot awesomer as you progress through the show and, I think the show has a serious and some what funny feel to it. If you listen to One Piece’s background music and any character starts a fight or something, it’ll sound like this.

By the way, this is 4kids vs The Adult Version/ Funimation Version (4Kids Version) :

Funimation Version:

And before I go, don’t mess around with Luffys Friends or Crew Mates:

And this is luffy,



This is the Intro Song/ Opening Song:


My Last Last post, this is my favorite One Piece Intro Song :D! :

See you guys later, I hope you guys enjoy this, Peace.


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