-Day 19, Who’s My Favorite Anime Voice Actor- – (30 Day Anime Challenge)- -Mark’s Blog-

Hmmm this is a hard one really. Since I don’t know too many Voice actors, I’ll just talk about one English Voice Actor and one Japanese Voice Actor.

Who’re my favorite Anime voice actors?

First on my list is Todd Haberkorn and he’s an english Voice actor. You may notice his voicing in “Full Metal Alchemist” Edward Elric, “Soul Eater” as Death the Kid and, “Fairy Tail” as Natsu. (Like I said, I don’t know that many Anime Voice Actors so Todd Haberkorn was the only english Voice Actor I knew). Oh yeah, he plays as Ayato in Tokyo Ghoul too. (Which, he actually makes a pretty good Ayato).

Now then, this Voice actor is a girl and at first I didn’t notice this but now I do. The Voice actor that plays Touka from “Tokyo Ghoul”, Akame from “Akame Ga Kill”, and as Fujimiya from “One Week Friends/Isshuukan Friends”, Amamiya Sora. Two out of three of voices she plays are one of my favorite girl characters in Anime. (Touka and Akame). I really think her acting is pretty good and to think she plays as Fujimiya from One Week Friends surprises me; like allot because, in One Week Friends she plays as a girl who forgets her memories every week and she’s just like meh, a regular school girl.

Why They’re my favorite Anime voice actors.

Well, Todd Haberkorn plays as Death the Kid; come on guys, who doesn’t like Death the Kid from Soul Eater? I guess you can say, Todd Haberkorn plays a lot of roles in a bunch of Anime shows ( I think over a hundred roles in different Animes?). Todd Haberkorn and his Voice acting is not Half-doing it (Which I mean, voicing like you really don’t care that shows no emotion nor excitement to it).  Todd Haberkorn in my opinion is a good Voice actor and does many of my favorite Anime characters. (Mainly Death the Kid from Soul Eater, English Dubbed/Funimation Dub).

Amamiya Sora, she plays great roles in Animes such as Akame, Touka and Fujimiya, even though their not Main Protagonists of any Anime shows their still one of my favorite characters. (Their Main Characters but not Main Protagonists. And I don’t know if Akame is the “main main” Protagonists  in the Manga because, the title literally says “Akame Ga Kill”. Tell me if she is the Main Protagonist later on in the Manga). If you read my posts from before you would know I would prefer Japanese than English voices mainly because of their voicing. They show more emotion and allot more excitement ( I’m not saying that all of Anime English Dubbed don’t show emotion but I’m just saying this through my opinions and viewing of Anime.) Anyways, Akame and Touka, I would say she played her roles pretty good, not bad. Even though in the Anime, Akame does not appear allot maybe for a few scenes like in the second episode, third episode, fourth episode, (Some other episodes) and the last episode. (They finished the show so fast by the way). As for Touka from Tokyo Ghoul, another great role. Touka’s voicing in the Anime was so fitting and I just think Amamiya Sora played Touka’s role quite good. Now then Fujimiya, her role was pretty good. One Week Friends was one of my most favorite Slice Of Life Animes (Not Romance Animes but Slice Of Life). Even though she says only a few words in the show (I mean she is in every episode) her role as Fujimiya was pretty good. (She also sings Kanade, the Ending song of One Week Friends and Akame Ga Kill opening 1 and 2 I think? I think she only plays the first Opening song for Akame Ga Kill right?)

Anyways, I guess I got nothing else to talk about these two Voice Actors.

Anything else before I go?

No. So see you guys later, peace!


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