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(Bewarn for Spoilers!)




“I already knew man, lets go home.” -Hideyoshi

On another note, I was quite disappointed just by a little bit about the ending of Tokyo Ghoul Season 2. (Manga Spoilers) Including that, they didn’t show Kaneki vs Arima. I assumed that they already ended because, Hide died and they showed Touka with her shop :RE. (Which I’m not so hyped to see because, they don’t show that much action in the Tokyo Ghoul :RE Manga, but I’d still like to see how it goes). Oh yeah one more thing; they should’ve of had Touka say, “I know that he’ll return” or something like that, since she said that in the Manga.

(Never mind she says this \/ ).


Okay, so what did I like about Tokyo Ghoul Season 2; well then. Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 was actually a great season but I really hope they have a reboot for Season 2 mainly because Kaneki joins Aogori and I’d like to see how it went if Tokyo Ghoul followed up with the Manga. Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 was a big tear jerker for me and; just seeing all of the scenes that happened in the Anime that came from the Manga and it made me feel so awesome, because I understood the references and all of the references were pure awesomeness! Tokyo Ghoul Season two was alright I guess, not bad. I liked how all of the Tokyo Ghoul endings had different art styles instead of having the same Art in the ending, I just loved seeing them. Then I saw the last Tokyo Ghoul ending art, I was just amazed and man, it was done quite well and I loved it.

Since Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 is Finished, why not give it a rating:

Animation: 7/10, It’s not bad, the Animation was definitely higher than the first season but, it was okay.

Story: 8/10, It’s a quite sad show and, including that Kaneki Ken goes through so much, this is probably why I rated this 8/10.

Characters: 7/10, Doesn’t give to much information about the characters in the Anime but in the Manga, it definitely shows allot more story than the Anime. I like the Characters, they all have a story to joining Anteiku. The fact that their ghouls trying to live a normal life in a coffee shop, makes them a bit awesome. (including that they freaking screwed up some stuff in different wards and they are very strong and have groups. It makes you wonder how they lost to the old man(which I forgot the Anteiku Owners name so I’ll just call him “Sir”).

Music/OST’s: 8/10, Some songs from the first anime season and some from the second season, were freaking, FrEaKiNg, AWESOME!

Opening: 7/10, I got to admit that, when I first saw this song, I kinda hated it and I kind of thought they got very lazy when it came to the background art. But then I saw many episodes later and I found out that, you just need to get used to it and you’ll start to like it. It’s not my favorite anime opening but, I guess it’s okay.

Ending: 8/10, I LOVE how they always show different art in the background every episode and I thought it was pretty awesome how they did that. I give props to Tokyo Ghoul Season two for doing the art. The music in general was pretty okay, I mainly liked the Anime ending.

Overall Rating: 7/10, Season two wasn’t what I expected and I mean it by a like and hate type of way. I wish they made it just like the Manga but unfortunately they made it into a Anime Original. I kind of liked the idea on how they made Kaneki join Aogiri and of course, I was mad when I first saw the first episode but, I started to like it after the first episode. This was one of my favorite Anime shows and, I hope they come out with a reboot for a Manga Adaption and, I hope they come out with an English Dub.

(This has some gore to it. You’ve been warned). Hide dies:



Is there anything I’d like to say before I go?

Nope, see you guys later, peace!


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