-Day 15, An Anime That Never Gets Old- -(30 Day Anime Challenge)- -Mark’s Blog-

Let’s see, an Anime that I never think gets old, huh? I’d say, Isshuukan Friends/ One Week Friends.

What’s Isshuukan Friends/ One Week Friends?


A show that roves around your two Main Characters, Hase and Fujimiya. They both go to the same Highschool and they’re both in the same grade. Fujimiya is a lonely girl who doesn’t have friends and Hase is just a regular student that wants to be Fujimiya’s Friend. After Hase says that he “wants to be friends” with Fujimiya, she says she can’t.  Later on that he learns that she forgets her good memories every week; he still asks her “I’d like us to be friends”.

What Do You Like About Isshuukan Friends/ One Week Friends/ Ratings:

One Week Friends is really original when it comes to story. The feelings that I got from watching this show was mostly sad and the reason that this show was sad was mainly because of the two characters. This show is mostly about friendship and how Hase and Fujimiya become great friends, even when Fujimiya forgets, they continue on being friends.

(Sucks to be Hase because, “FriendZoned” Hase. lol).

Isshuukan Friends/ One Week Friends Rating:

Animation: 7/10, It has its own type of art style to the show and I guess it’s pretty Aye-Okay.

Story: 9/10, I like how they made this show really realistic. It’s not like those shows with superpowers or things that’ll make you think, that’ll never happen in real life. This show really has that aspect to it, making it as real as it can get. You get to know maybe like a little bit about all of the main characters but, I think they told me enough of their story to actually know about them a bit.

Opening Song: 7/10, Well, this isn’t really one of my favorite Anime Opening songs out there but, I still think it’s pretty okay.

Ending Song: 8/10, One of the most saddest ending song that I could probably remember (Kanade). Including that the voice actor for the song is the same voice actor for Fujimiya in the Anime! (Also, she plays as Akame in Akame Ga Kill and as Touka from Tokyo Ghoul! Now this is my favorite Girl Voice actor)! Well anyways, when ever I hear this song at the end all I know is, prepare to cry; allot.

Originial Ending Song:


Hase Ending Song ( Which one is better? Hase or Fujimiya :D?)


Background Music/OST’s: None/ there’s only one Original Sound Track.


Anything Else Before I go ?

Well anyways, if you’re a follower on my blog you’ll probably notice that I just got back from break yesterday and, if I get less homework and if my grades probably improve, I’ll write allot more.


(Before I go, the real person that sang the song).


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