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This is a minecraft server that raids, builds, and haves fun. We have a great Staff team and an active Owner       (IGotzNoLife). If you want to hop onto this server and get a chance to meet me, the server address is,


We also have some Plugins that make’s this server even better and some include:
1. KingdomCombatLogger:
– Has all the essential needs, plus more. When a player logs a Zombie Pigman will be spawned in the location to be killed, but be warned, it does attack!
2. KingdomAutoClickerDetection:
– A high end quality auto-clicker detection plugin to help catch those un-wanted hackers!
3 KingdomXray:
– Plugin which will give us an estamate on whether or not somebody xrays. We do not fully judge off of this.
4. KingdomExtras
– Contains many essential needs for our server, including god apple & enderpearl cooldowns.

And ETC! ! ! !

As of right now there is no website, but will be soon, along with a better banner.
Also, soon 1.7 clients will be able to join!


This is the /spawn area! It’s quite big to walk around and you can find the rules, enchanting, and anvil rooms!



We also have /warp shop ! If you want to buy items or sell them, you can just teleport over there!

2015-03-23_18.07.432015-03-23_18.28.25 2015-03-23_18.28.40 2015-03-23_18.28.31

We also include /Warp Nether and /Warp End !


Come check out our server!

Also guys, Youtubers have been on This server too such as VurbRaids and Tom Skillz !

VurbRaids and his Youtube Channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/VurbRaids

Tom Skillz and his Youtube Channel, https://youtu.be/k61V1EZJSwo

That is all guys but, before I go! If you get onto KingdomMC, tell the owner Igotznolife that MinecraftsJR brought you! (and I’m MinecraftsJR if you guys didn’t know). Well, see you guys later, Peace!


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