-Day 14, The Anime That I’m Currently Watching- -(30 Day Anime Challenge)- -Mark’s Blog-

Hmmm, the most current shows that I’m watching are, Tokyo Ghoul, Magic Kaito 1412, and Ansatsu Kyoshitsu.


What’s Tokyo Ghoul?

A show about Ghoul’s that place in Tokyo. These Ghouls like to kill Humans and eventually eat their body. Not all Ghoul’s kill people but instead, a group  named Anteiku won’t kill humans but instead, eat only suicide Victims. Kaneki Ken, the main protagonist of the show; he was just a regular human until one day, he was being devoured by a ghoul but, luckily for Kaneki a mysterious falling object falls on top of the ghoul. Kaneki, then getting a transplant for his injuries, later becomes a half ghoul half human hybrid, making him different from a regular ghoul is that, he has only one red eye and one regular human eye.


What’s Magic Kaito 1412?

A show about a Magician thief that steals Jewel’s for the Pandora Gem. The Pandora Gem is able to grant anybody immortality but, only if they point the gem to the moon. Kaito Kuraba or Kaitou Kid, is trying to steal famous gems and see if its the pandora gem and, if anybody steals the Pandora Gem, someone could use it for corrupt reasons.


What’s Ansatsu Kyoshitsu?

A show about an assassination class called 3-E or, the “End Class”, has to kill an octopus like creature that’s destroyed the Moon and now this Monster teaches the classroom. The classroom has only one year to assassinate this monster and since he’s teaching the class on how to kill him and giving them advice about their work and how to improve in things; it’s kind of hard to kill him.


Why do you like These Shows?

Well, Tokyo Ghoul has so much gore and it’s violent, Magic Kaito 1412 shows a lot of awesome Magic tricks, and Ansastu Kyoshitsu; well it actually just has it’s own feel to it really.



Tokyo Ghoul Rating:

Animation: 8/10, it has a pretty okay animation I mean it’s good but, it’s not like Stay/Fate Night unlimited Blades Work, not that type of good animation.

Story: 9/10, This is one of my favorite Animes out there and, including that the Manga is very awesome too, I just like the Tokyo Ghoul franchise in general. 

Bloody Gore: 7/10, they censored the heck out of this show! I mean like, even the uncensored is still censored; what the !? But, they still show blood and body parts getting ripped a bit, not to bad.

Opening Song (Not including Season Two’s) : 9/10 MY MOST FAVORITE ANIME OPENING EVER! “What makes a good show”, good Animation and a great anime opening song!

Ending Song (Not including Season Two) : 7/10, The ending song was pretty okay, it wasn’t to bad but, when you translate it, it doesn’t make that much sense. ( Well I didn’t get it that is).

Music/OST’s: 8/10, Tokyo Ghoul really knows how to excite their fans, I know I was pumped when Kaneki goes Insane and Music just pops up!

Soundtrack list :
1. White Silence 0:00
2. Yutaka Yamada 7:00
3. Yutaka Yamada (Violin version) 11:16
4. Symphony (Battle theme) 13:17
5. Opening (Unravel) 20:28 cutted song (copyrights)
6. Ending 24:26

Overall Rating: 9/10, like I said before, It’s one of my favorite animes out there.




Magic Kaito 1412 Rating:

Animation: 7/10, Hmm, it’s not bad. It’s kind of in between okay Animation and very good Animation.

Story: 7/10, The story is pretty okay but, pretty much you get to see Kaitou Kid stealing Jewels all the time and that’s mainly it. I mean his heist look so freaking Awesome, and his escapes and magic tricks are amazing! ( Makes me want to be a magician 😀 ).

Opening Songs: 7/10, Season one’s Opening song was okay and the second season’s opening song was also okay. 


(Sorry that this opening song sounds a bit weird, it’s meant to be like that for copyright reasons, sorry).

Ending Songs: 7/10, I liked listening to the first ending song, it was kind of addicting to hear but, the animation for it was okay. Okay so, the second ending song. Okay Animation and okay singing, not bad I guess.

(Sorry, this is the best that I can find). -Mark

( Once again sorry, this is the full version, and I couldn’t find a tv sized version for this song). – Mark

Music/OST’s: 9/10, there’s probably like, 3 or 4 OST’s songs I can think of right about now but, I got to admit that they always bring me into chills when ever I hear them. All of them sound like a musical, some a bit with jazz and also, a sound that just makes you think of a magician. . Their OST’s are one of my favorite!

Overall Rating: 7/10, I like watching this show, and I hope they keep the show running just like the Detective Conan Series because, watching Magic tricks is awesome and when someone’s stealing gems with Magic Tricks, that’s even awesomer.


Ansatsu Kyoshitsu Rating:

Animation: 7/10, yet again, this show isn’t so bad with animation but, it’s still good.

Story: 6/10, I didn’t notice that much story when it comes to this show but, I guess you learn maybe like, 0.5% of somebody’s story every 2 or 3 episodes later. 

Opening Song: I love this opening song, it’s kind of like a mixture of seriousness and comedic (Mostly Comedic) but, it’s still a good song in my opinion. 

Ending Song: The ending song is pretty much sad, it shows events that happened throughout the show and, it’s a great song.

Music/OST’s: 7/10, I can’t remember that many OST’s but, I remember one of them and it got me hyped. Now I can’t remember the way the Sound Track sounded like but oh well. 

Overall Rating: 7/10, This show is quite funny, when the classmates try to kill their teacher all the time and most of the time they fail to just stab him, I just laugh all the time! This show is also quite sexual ( I was kind of expecting this because the teacher was an octopus like figure) but anyways, still a good show.


Anything else before I go?

Well, I’m hoping to watch some other shows because, I heard there are many funny, cool, and awesome shows. (Please suggest me some shows to watch, I’m running out of Shows)! So anyways, see you guys later, Peace!

(Well actually one last thing. I’m back; you guys miss me? 😀 )


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