-An Otaku’s Life, Day 13, Am I Back From Break?- – (Real Life) – -Mark’s Blog-

As you can see, I’m still on break but, I don’t want to leave my followers hanging there, waiting for a blog post for possibly a week or even longer.

So Anyways,

I didn’t do much over the weekend. I just sat home playing games, and watching TV. Hmm, did you do anything else? Well of course, I read the first chapter of Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou, ate some fish over the weekend, played a videogame that gave me, 1 3 3 7 ( or leet, which is short for, Elite, which I found funny), watched a new show called Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, and I rewatched 5 Centimeters Per Second (Which made me stare at screen the entire time with a very serious and surprised like face. Mostly the ending of the Movie made me feel surprised).

On my totally fun and relaxing weekend, I was looking through the comments on 5 Centimeters Per Second and they were mostly funny comments and some sad stories about how they relate to the movie. ( One of the comments, “5 Centimeters per second? More like 5 Wallpapers per second”.  LOOL I AGREE ON THIS)! On another note, I was playing some games like, Roblox Apocolypse Rising, Runescape and Old School Runescape, a little bit of Minecraft, Combat Arms, played some Xbox games like, Street Fighter IV (4) and Tenchu Z, and when I played Tenchu Z, I finished it in a day. I know some of don’t know what I’m talking about so I’ll just give you an idea on what the games are about.

Roblox, a game similar to Minecraft expect, you can build games, let your friends play it or even let the public to play it too; and you can just have fun playing all different types of games, which I played Apocolypse Rising. Apocolyspe Rising is a Zombie game where you kill zombies, kill others, or just survive.

Runescape/Old School Runescape, a game where you do quests, kill monsters, do Minigames, and do a bunch more things. The game has a medieval feel to it and I guess it’s alright to play.

Minecraft, I think everyone knows what this is.

Combat Arms, a game where you can buy guns, rank up, and kill others. You can kill Zombies, real life players, or kill non real living players. (Depending on which gamemode you are playing on, and it’s free to play).

Street Fighter IV (4), a fighting game where you choose a character and just basically fight.

Tenchu Z, a game where it’s based on a Ninja era going through a modern era but, you get to create your own character and stealthily kill others in the shadows as an Azuma Ninja.


Let’s see, I guess I didn’t do much, and I don’t have much to say so, I’ll just post up some videos.


Ansatsu Kyoshitsu The Movie, I really want to watch this movie and I really want to watch the Anime, so anyways, here’s the video.


Ansatsu Kyoshitsu Opening song (Anime), this is one weird Anime opening but it sure is awesome, LOL! :


5 Centimeters per second Trailer (English Dubbed) :


5 Centimeters per second Trailer (Japanese version) :


If you want to watch 5 Centimeters right now, then watch it right here! ( English Dubbed) :


5 Centimeters per second (English subbed) :


Well, I guess I’m still on break so, see you guys later, Peace!


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