-I’m Taking A Break- – (Real-Life)- -Mark’s Blog-

I know I’ve taken breaks from blogging allot often but, I’ve seen my grades get low, my eyes get tired, and I feel exhausted. So sorry guys, I’m taking a break from blogging.

I won’t be writing about anything, I won’t write about the 30 day anime challenge, and all other things.

Note: My Grammar on my blog was wonky and even though I looked it over and over again, my grammar turns out to be weird. For example,” I’m going to watch Manga”. “Going to watch Manga”, “Watch Manga”. You simply don’t watch a book, you read it.

This really gave me a thought to take a break. But how long will I be on break? Maybe a week or two, but I’ll be back.

When I come back I’ll work on,

The 30 Day Anime Challenge, Continuing on day 14.

An Otaku’s Life, I’m not certain but, I’ll try.

Anime Reviews, I’m not certain about this one either, but I hope I can continue on with this.

Rewatching the Good Shows, I’ll be rewatching One Week Friends or some other shows


Will I continue on with my Anime List/ Anime Opening Songs/ Ending Songs, I don’t know.

And that was most of the things I’ll possibly be working on. The 30 Day Anime Challenge, I’ll certainly be working on and, An Otaku’s Life is something I’ve been thinking to bring back and Doing Anime Reviews is also another thing I’d like to bring back as well.

I know that about 95% of the People in my class don’t know what Anime is or Manga so why not tell you guys right now.

Anime, A Japanese Animation that has a different art style from Cartoons, or else It would’ve been called Cartoons instead of, “Anime”.

Manga, A Japanese Comic. It’s usually different from American Comics because, instead of reading from left to right and turning the page to the right, Japanese comics are read from right to left and the pages are turned to the left.

Well that’s all for now, see you guys later peace.

(Also I didn’t check my grammar for this post so hopefully my blog post is all right).


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