-Day 13, An Anime That I Introduced To A Friend- -(30 Day Anime Challenge)- -Mark’s Blog-

Well, considering that I don’t have many friends that watch Anime nor Manga but yet, I did introduce an Anime to one of my friends. It was the Anime Soul Eater.

What’s Soul Eater?


Soul Eater, a show about Demons, Witches, Weapons, and Meisters. A Meister are, wielders of weapons and the Weapons are actually people. (These People can transform into a weapon and even turn back to a human). To destroy the Keishens ( monsters that Devour innocent people’s souls), their are Meisters (a program that was created from a person named Death) that are there to destroy them.

Your main characters; Maka and Soul. Maka is a female meister that relies on her Male death scythe Soul. They are both partners from Death’s School and they hate each other yet, they both protect each other.

What Do You Like About Soul Eater?

Soul Eater is quite a very funny show and later on in the Anime, the show gets a bit serious. I would recommend new Anime watchers to see this show and, if your new to the Supernatural Genre as well, this is a show that you would want to watch.

Now, lets see what my rating is for Soul Eater.

Story: 6/10, this show doesn’t have a story that much, I mean it does but, it kind of develops a bit slow.

Animation: 7/10, its not so bad when it comes to animation but its okay.

Opening Songs (2 of them) : 7/10, I love their opening songs, their addicting to hear, and just awesome to watch. (not including Adult Swims Opening and others, but only Funimations Opening and the Japanese Opening because they’re both the same).

Ending Songs (4 of them): 8/10, Their songs are amazing except for the 2nd opening song.1 3 and 4 ending song were just amazing.

Characters: 7/10, Each characters in the show have somewhat of a story and they’re all are amazing characters in General.

By the way, the English Dubbed and English Subbed versions  are awesome! I recommend watching both but, if your to lazy and like english dubbed, then watch the english dub.

Anything Else I Would LIke To Say Before I Like To Go? 

Well, I don’t have anything to say but, here’s the Anime Opening and ending songs, all of them 😀 !

Soul Eater Opening 1:


Soul Eater Opening 2:


Soul Eater Ending 1:


Soul Eater Ending 2:


Soul Eater Ending 3:


Soul Eater Ending 4:


See you guys later, Peace!



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